20 Classic Songs That Weren't Big Hits The First Time (2023)

"The cream always rises to the top" is the super-optimistic mantra of an A&R manager. Sometimes it takes a little longer to go up.

'The Truth Hurts' by Lizzo, who spent this week with hersixth week no number 1It was originally released in the US in 2017 and was a flop.

It went viral in FebruaryTag thanksafter a meme surrounding his text "I just took a DNA test, it turned out I'm 100%" was spoofed in user-generated videos.

It was quickly added to the deluxe version of their third album.Because I love you, which made the top 5 in the US last month.

Watch Lizzo's "Truth Hurts" video:

20 Classic Songs That Weren't Big Hits The First Time (1)20 Classic Songs That Weren't Big Hits The First Time (2)

Similar,'Old Town Road' de Lil Nas XIt struggled to find a niche until the Billy Ray Cyrus remix made it the year's biggest hit.

A song's commercial stripes are subject to change.

The action becomes a live draw. Changing radio formats.

The public finds out through an ad at K-Mart or on social media. The label creates a new campaign that really works...

Florence + the Machine: "The dog days are over"

Dog Days Are Over was a giant text installation by artist Ugo Rondinone in London, referring to the dog star Sirius.

When it was closest to Earth, its effect on animals was to sacrifice them. When he left, they woke up.

Florence WelchI saw him every day for the six months it took me to cycle across Waterloo Bridge.

20 Classic Songs That Weren't Big Hits The First Time (3)

At the time, Welch was trying to create a sound for the first album and was unhappy with her ideas. Until "Dog Days" appeared with a sign in hand.

Written in ten minutes about the inevitability of happiness, "Dog Days Are Over" was recorded without guitars but on a tiny Yamaha keyboard.

The percussion was created by hitting a wall "at the same time as hitting a drum underneath, and the hit was really random".

The label dropped their collective jaws: "What the hell is that?"

His belief that he had to take care of a loser was cemented when he came out in December 2008.

The track debuted at number 89, dropped to number 90 the following week, and then faded into obscurity.

It returned four months later, but peaked at No. 91.

Twelve months after her initial release, she appeared on the New Year's Eve edition of the TV show Jools Holland and appeared in promos formillionaireand Julia Robertseat Pray Lovechanged your fortune.

By January 2010, it was making waves in the charts and going to number 24.

In the United States, it debuted in the top 100 in September after being used in a spy drama commercial.secret affairs, and the band played to millions during the Video Music Awards telecast.

That worked. It sold 96,000 digital downloads the following week, peaking at No. 24, and has sold 3.15 million downloads in the US.

In Australia, it did not exceed number 46.

Watch the video for 'Dog Days Are Over':

20 Classic Songs That Weren't Big Hits The First Time (4)20 Classic Songs That Weren't Big Hits The First Time (5)

Hunter-Gatherer: "Throw your arms around me"

A wonderful mix of seduction and post-AIDS romance, "Throw Your Arms Around Me" remains one of Hunna's best, with subsequent remakes by Crowned House, Pearl Jam, Luka Bloom, Kate Ceberano, Tripod and Doug Anthony Allstars.

The first version by Hunters & Collectors came out in 1984 through Mushroom's White Label label and it sank like a stone.

When H&C decided to ditch the original artwork in its 1988 trailerhuman frailty, they re-recorded the song and saw it reach the top 50.

It now enjoys that status, having been played at weddings and funerals and selected for an NRMA promotion.

Watch the video for 'Trow Your Arms Around Me':

20 Classic Songs That Weren't Big Hits The First Time (6)20 Classic Songs That Weren't Big Hits The First Time (7)

A more acoustic and melancholy 1990s version was taken from them.Complete workscompilation.

It seemed to settle comfortably into commercial radio, peaking at number 34 on the ARIA chart.

The Cure: "Boys Don't Cry"

When first released by The Cure in 1979, the sensational 'Boys Don't Cry' peaked at No. 99 in Australia.

Nothing special, of course, but he did better here than he did in his native England, where he didn't record anything.

In April 1986, the"New Voice, New Mix"(with new vocals by Robert Smith) peaked at number 26.

It peaked at number 22 in the UK and sold 250,000 copies.

(Video) Top 10 60s Songs You Forgot Were Awesome

watch the clipThe Cure: "Boys Don't Cry":

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Yothu Yindi: „Tratado“

"Treaty" was written by members of Yothu Yindi with Paul Kelly and Peter Garrett.

The initial release was supported only by ABC Radio and SBS Television and failed to chart.

Melbourne DJ Gavin Campbell (Razor Records) remixed Filthy Lucre (featuring Paul Main and Robert Goodge) and gave it the dance sounds, which reached #4. #11 and gave the band and the embassy family status.

It became a worldwide hit, peaking at number 9 in Belgium, number 29 in the Netherlands, number 33 in Switzerland, number 72 in the UK and number 27 on the US Dance Club Songs chart.

watch the clipYothu Yindis „Abhandlung“:

20 Classic Songs That Weren't Big Hits The First Time (10)20 Classic Songs That Weren't Big Hits The First Time (11)

Derek e Domino: 'Layla'

As the '60s drew to a close, fans wrote "Clapton is God" on London's brick walls, and Eric was terrified of the adulation.

Things got even worse when his closest rival, Jimi Hendrix, died. She screamed at the news, "How can you go and leave me?"

In 1970 he decided to become the invisible man and released his albumLayla and Other Selected Love Songslike derek anddie dominostein

His highly profitable name was only mentioned on the back cover. Derek and The Dominoes only lasted for this album.

20 Classic Songs That Weren't Big Hits The First Time (12)

"The album version of 'Layla' was 7.10 minutes long, propelled by the twin guitars of Clapton and Duane Allman dancing between hard lines and a lengthy piano excursion credited to Rita Coolidge, then co-writing partner of Songs and Dominoes member Jim Gordon.

It was shortened to a reasonable length for radio in 1971. The strategy didn't work. It stalled at number 51 in the United States.

In Australia it was yet another disaster - he pulled the reins in 100th place.

A year later, the full version started playing on the radio when it was included onEric Clapton's Storycompilation and became a top 10 hit in the United States.

The song became Clapton's signature concert song and a new U in 1992stuffedversion was released.

This likely captured the despair of the song's unrequited love theme (inspired byThe story of Layla and Majnunby 12th-century Persian poet Nizami Ganjavi) peaked at No. 12 in the US and won him a Grammy.

Art mirrored life, which art mirrored: at the time, Clapton had an unhealthy crush on Patti Boyd, who happened to be the wife of his best friend George Harrison.

His desperation over unrequited love made him a hero. After all, they were married for a while.

Papa Cool: 'Aguila Rock'

I hear! 'Eagle Rock' was a smash hit in Australia right from the start in 1971, although Sydney radio needed a little push before it got to the party.

coolest daddyThe live shows were already proving to be instant riots.

Twenty years after a historic concert at the Melbourne Town Hall, when 5,000 fans tried to enter a venue built for 2,500, the city held a reception for them and the mayor jokingly presented them with a $21,000 damage bill.

'Eagle Rock' went gold in 11 weeks (unheard of for an Australian act) and spent 17 weeks at number one (ditto) and returned to the charts in 1982, peaking at number 17.

But in New Zealand it took three bites of frosting.

It rose to number 17 in 1971, then to number 19 in 1986, and in 1990 it went to number one for four weeks and went gold.

To considerClipe de Daddy Cool para 'Eagle Rock':

20 Classic Songs That Weren't Big Hits The First Time (13)20 Classic Songs That Weren't Big Hits The First Time (14)

The Corrs: 'Fugitive'

Australia and the Corrs' home country of Ireland was where "Runaway" debuted straight into the top 10 upon its release in September 1995.

People cried as Andrea hummed about making love alone by candlelight.

But in the UK, the six scarf work only limped to number 49.

They released it with a new B-side, "Love To Love You", but it peaked at number 62.

After "Dreams" landed them a top 10 entry with an IRS investigator's decision, The Corrs relaunched it for a third try and saw it.go to number 2.

INXS: "I need you tonight"

Need You Tonight got off to an expensive start.

Andrew Farriss developed the riff while waiting for a taxi to take him to Sydney Airport while flying to Hong Kong to work on new songs with Michael Hutchence.

He told the driver to wait "a few minutes" as he had forgotten something.

It came out an hour later, the meter ticking furiously, having recorded a raw version on a cassette player.

The massive single roomtreatThe album was tNXS's only number 1 in the US and was also inside the top 10 in at least eight countries.

watch the clipINXS, 'I need you tonight':

20 Classic Songs That Weren't Big Hits The First Time (15)20 Classic Songs That Weren't Big Hits The First Time (16)

(Video) Top 80 Songs You Didn't Know Were Covers and Their Originals

In Australia, it peaked at number 4. A remix by Rogue Traders entitled "One Of My Kind" reached the top 10.

In 2014, it re-entered the charts at number 28, following the success of the two-part soap opera Seven Network.never separate us

But the track had a problem in the UK when it was released in 1987 - it stalled at No. 58.

However, when it was re-released in the UK in 1988, it was ranked number two.

Faker: "This heart attack"

20 Classic Songs That Weren't Big Hits The First Time (17)

Posted Oct 2007 byBand de Sydney Fakergot off to a slow start, scraping the bottom of the ARIA Top 50 and spinning around without getting much love from anyone.

But he did appear in a highly regarded advertisement for the TV shows return season.Grey's Anatomy, was picked up by commercial radio and made the top 10 in April, went platinum and stayed on the charts for half a year, and was ranked #5 on Triple J's Hottest 100 in 2007.

ACDC Road to Hell

20 Classic Songs That Weren't Big Hits The First Time (18)

41 years after its release in Australia, we still don't know if the title of one of AC/DC's most iconic songs is about a tour, aTrocadilho com "Stairway to Heaven" do Led Zepor the nickname Canning Highway in Western Australia, which led to Bon Scott's favorite pub, The Raffles.

As the Canning heads towards Raffles, it goes into a steep descent, resulting in the death of drivers taking corners too quickly, hence the nicknameRoad to hell.

As Bon sang to the bed with stern demeanor, "No stop signs... speed limits... no one will stop me."

As the Canning Highway approaches the pub, it descends steeply: "No stop signs... speed limits... no one will stop me."

Scott rode his motorcycle to Raffles to go out drinking with his friends. As in "There's nothing I'd rather be doing. Come on down, party time, my friends will be there too."

In the UK, the song took four tries before reaching Hitsville status.

It peaked at #24 in 1978, #56 in 1979, #40 in 2012, and finally #4 in 2013.

The 2013 effort came after two fans starteda Facebook campaignto make the track Christmas number one.

It was in part to celebrate 40To dieanniversary of the band's formation in Sydney, and in part to stop a nuisancethe x factorcandidate getting there.

It was her first top 10 hit there.

Dying Assassin: „Mr. The good side"

It's a booya for streaming services, a booya for game soundtracks, and a super booya for sports, where teams around the world have chosen it as their theme song.

However, Las Vegas band The Killers' debut single flopped when it was first released in September 2003.

After the success of "Someone Told Me", the label decided to give him a second horseback ride in November 2004.

The originally indie black and white video showing the band playing in an empty room was scrapped.

Singer Brandon Flowers got a new haircut and the new video received a glamorous makeover based on the 2001 film.Red Windmill.

The next minute the music – whereSir. brightside is flowers, after waking up feeling restless and going to his favorite hangout, the Crown and Anchor, only to discover his girlfriend was cheating on him, it was in the top 10 in the US and refused to enter the top 100 for the remaining 219 weeks and sold 4 million.

It also reached the top 10 in the UK and continued to sell, finally reaching the 1 million mark in December 2018.

In Australia, it did not surpass the 29th position, but it continues to be a reference song in sporting events.

Matar a Heidi: 'Weir'

Ella Hooper and her brother Jesse Hooper, guitarist, grew up in the Victorian countryside where they graduated.Matar a Heidi.

He was 15 when he wrote the song about hanging out with friends at a dam (or reservoir) and the joy of jumping off the side of a high mountain.

"Weir" sounded completely different from what was being played on the radio, and they received indifference from record labels and radio stations.

When it was released as its first single in October 1999, only triple j gave it the time of day.

The Js embraced its themes of lost innocence, rites of passage, sharing secrets, and not-quite-bright teen kicks.

Mainstream radio told their label Roadshow Music that it sounded too "alternative" for them.

The label's national promotions manager, Michael Matthews, had the band do a new mix without the guitars.

The next minute the song was at number 6 and one of the great Australian teen anthems of the 90s found its place in the sun.

Watch Killing Heidi's video for 'Weir':

20 Classic Songs That Weren't Big Hits The First Time (19)20 Classic Songs That Weren't Big Hits The First Time (20)

Peter Andre: "The Mysterious Girl"

Pedro AndreHe grew up on the Gold Coast and in 1984, when he was 16, he came second to Wade Robson in a dance competition where the prize was to meet Michael Jackson.

He was signed to Mushroom Records' pop label Melodian and had a few hits in Australia before "Mysterious Girl" hit in the UK with a video filmed on a Thai beach where Andre's biceps were the stars of the show.

Andre quickly moved to London (where he was born), he always showed off his six pack abs and "Mysterious Girl" peaked at No. 59 when it was first released there in September 1995.

(Video) Country Music Singer M O R G A N W A L L E N Greatest Hits Full Album Best Songs Of Playlist 2022

A year later, after further performances with a six-pack, Sol's reggae record peaked at number 2.

Eight years later, after a season inI'm a celebrityand after becoming a staple in celebrity newspapers after he started dating model Katie Price, the song reached No. 1.

Simon & Garfunkel: "The Sound of Silence"

20 Classic Songs That Weren't Big Hits The First Time (21)

Don't try this at home, kids. But early 60'sPaulo SimonHe wrote his songs because of the bathroom's atmosphere and kept the water flowing because of its relaxing nature.

"The Sound Of Silence" (originally "The Sounds of Silence") was another of Simon's many sad songs about many sad things.

It saw the light of day in 1964 as part of Simon & Garfunkel's debut album.Wednesday morning, 3 am..

The record faltered, Garfunkel returned to university and Simon toured England.

For some reason college radio stations in Boston and Florida started playing "The Sound of Silence" from the album.

Emboldened by this, and without telling the duo, producer Tom Wilson piled on electric instruments and re-released it in September 1965.

Debate over the song's meaning ranged from the assassination of President John F. Kennedy to Garfunkels' "inability of people to communicate with one another (and) inability to love one another", which was worth two cents to Garfunkels.

The electrifying, electrifying track dropped to No. 1 in the US and was a worldwide hit in two dozen countries.

This included number 1 on the charts in Japan and South Africa, number 3 in Australia and number 2 in New Zealand.

Ariana Grande: "One last time"

It would be wrong to say that the original 2014 release of Ariane Grande's One Last Time was considered an epic flop.

But in the US it peaked at number 13, ending Grande's string of greatest hits.

In Australia, it debuted at number 27 and never rose above number 15.

In Britain he took a slow train to number 24.

But after the 2017 Manchester Arena bombingFans embraced the songas her anthem We Will Survive, and Grande re-released it as a charity single.

It peaked at number 2 in the UK and sold 1.2 million units.

The 2017 version peaked at No. 35 in Australia, but reached new positions of No. 1 in Scotland, No. 15 in Ireland, No. 11 in Spain and No. 23 in France.

Madonna: "Branches"

The fifth single from La Ciccone's 1983 self-titled debut album Borderline served the purpose in most parts of the world, with a video reflecting her interest in Hispanic men.

It was written for her by producer Reggie Lucas after observing the 24-year-old's performance and bringing out her sensual side.

Her first top 10 hit in the US (and quickly selling a million copies and her first in an incredible streak of 16 top 10 hits in the US) and most of Europe, and number 12 in Australia.

Inexplicably, it stalled at number 56 in the UK. However, their next 36 singles were hits in the UK and when 'Borderline' was re-released there in January 1986 it stayed in the charts for nine weeks, peaking at number 2.

Check out Madonna's video for 'Borderline':

20 Classic Songs That Weren't Big Hits The First Time (22)20 Classic Songs That Weren't Big Hits The First Time (23)

Festival: '1234'

Seu uso em anúncios para o iPod da Apple levou a sucessos globais de Jet ("Will You Be My Girl?"), CSS ("Music Is My Hot, Hot Sex") e The Ting Tings ("Shut Up And Let Me Go") . ).

Another was Canadian singer-songwriter Feist, after "1234" was dubbed intoiPod nano adsem 2007.

It was written by Australian singer-songwriter Sally Seltmann, who wrote it for her own project, New Buffalo, but decided it would be better suited for Feist.

The collaboration came after Seltmann and Feist toured Canada along with Broken Social Scene in 2005.

Feist's music did well when it was released in September 2007, but the announcement ushered them into a whole new realm.

20 Classic Songs That Weren't Big Hits The First Time (24)20 Classic Songs That Weren't Big Hits The First Time (25)

Half a million people turned to Google to find out who the hell she was.

YouTube views increased by 1,000% and downloads took a Superman-like leap from 2,000 to 73,000 per week, taking her into the US Top 100 (her only song to do so, generating 1.2 million downloads ) and top 40 in the UK.

In Australia, where Triple Support provided it, sales continued to increase when it was used in an eBay listing.

The track peaked at number 36 on the Australian National Charts and was ranked 34 on the Triple j Hottest 100.

Elton John: "Sails in the Wind"

The original 1973 version of the former Reggie Dwight, whose name actress Marilyn Monroe compares to her real name Norma Jean, and about celebrating youth, was in herBye bye yellow cobblestone roadAlbum.

The title was inspired by a phrase used about blues singer Janis Joplin, who also died young in the late 1960s.

It reached number 11 in the UK, but in the US it was the negative side "Bennie & The Jets" that was chosen to reach radio.

(Video) I'm Too Old For This Sh*t (1080p) FULL MOVIE - Documentary

"Candle In The Wind" was not released as a single in the US until 1987, when John was recording the album.live in australiawith the Melbourne Symphony Orchestra.

It peaked at number 6 and re-entered the UK charts at number 5.

In 1997, he performed it at the funeral ofDiana, Princess of Walesand released it as a single under the insufferable title "Goodbye England's Rose".

It reached number one in 23 countries, including Australia (where it sold over one million copies), the United States (selling 10 million), and the United Kingdom.

At the time, it sold 33 million copies worldwide, down from the 50 million sold by Bing Crosby's "White Christmas".Guinness World Recordsem 2007.

Radiohead - Creep'

It could be considered their signature song, althoughThomas Yorkealways had a problem with 'creep' that started when he was in college.

He initially disliked it and was angered when the label insisted it should be a single.

He was also instructed to dilute the line "You're so special" with "You're so special", which he still ponders to this day.

He complains that it took away the "feel" of the song and made him lose his anger.

When it first aired in September 1992, Creep had problems. Radio 1 called it "too depressing" and refused to play it, presumably to avoid a plague of slashed wrists from the public.

Knocked out in the storm, it failed to shake the UK Top 75, stalling at No. 78.

End of 1992, aRadio DJ in Israel started filmingwhich in turn began to see its use around the world, including Triple J in Australia, where the track peaked at number 6.

Then American college radio jumped on the bandwagon, and "Creep" reached No. 34 on the charts, which is still their biggest hit in the US.

It was also used in a 1994 episodeBeavis e Butt-Head🇧🇷 their US label Capitol happily launched a marketing campaign with the message "Beavis and Butt-Head Say [Radiohead] Don't Suck".

Success in the US and worldwide led the band to give "Creep" another shot at home, and this time it climbed to #7.

That didn't necessarily endear Yorke to music by any means.

According to him, he began to receive letters from fans of hired killers in prison saying that they identified with the lyrics.

Even worse, Albert Hammond and Mike Hazlewood, the authors ofos HollysThe 1972 hit "The Air That I Breathe" asserted that "Creep" bore more than a passing resemblance to its melody.

Lawyers came running howling, and Yorke had to share the composition with them.

Rainha - 'Bohemian Rhapsody'

“The current success of 'BoRhap' is so phenomenal that its first hits were considered comparatively minor.

complete with 180separate overdubsIt was an instant hit when it was first released in 1975, selling 6 million copies worldwide.

Not bad for a song that opened with the weak working title "The Cowboy Song", undoubtedly an image of the Wild West in Freddie Mercury's mind from the first line, "Mom, he just killed a man".

In Australia, it reached number 1 on original release, then number 5 in 1992 after being recorded headbanging.wayne world(That scene took ten hours to shoot, and Brian May's guitar solo was captured in one take) and a third time after the hit film. Splendid!

In the UK, where it is now the third biggest hit of all time, it was covered 14 times by Freddie Mercury's friend DJ Kenny Everett on his morning show the first weekend after its release on Capital Radio.

Everett was one of the few tastemakers who felt the track had something. Elton John gasped, "Are you crazy?", telling them it was too long and "too weird" for radio.

It sold a million copies in the band's home market in early 1976 and stayed at number one for nine weeks.

He then returned for a five-week run in 1991 amidst the beating that followed Mercury's death.

20 Classic Songs That Weren't Big Hits The First Time (26)

But it was in the United States that the track built some impact on the charts.

It originally peaked at #9 and then #2.wayne worldand recently ranked No. 1 after the hit film.

As of December 2018, "BoRhap" has become the most streamed song of the 20th century worldwide, and the most streamed of all classic rock songs, with over 1.6 billion downloads.

On July 21, 2019 alone, the video surpassed 1 billion views on YouTube.

In the mid-1970s, the video took three hours and £4,500 (approximately AUD30,000 in today's money) to produce.

Check out Queen's video for 'Bohemian Rhapsody':

20 Classic Songs That Weren't Big Hits The First Time (27)20 Classic Songs That Weren't Big Hits The First Time (28)

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