7 Most Sustainable Eco Lodges in Vietnam (2023) - Eco Lodges Everywhere (2023)

The 7 most sustainable eco houses in Vietnam

    Vietnam is a beautiful country filled with world heritage sites, picturesque tea plantations, pristine beaches and lush rainforests.

    It's also a popular holiday destination, and for that reason, you'll find plenty of eco-friendly accommodation spread across the country. This ranges from small lodges in the rainforest to large eco-lodges situated on the coast. Whatever you're looking for, you're sure to find it in this amazing country.

    If you're looking for unique places to stay in Vietnam, here are the eco lodges you need to see!

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    1 What is an ecological home?

    2 Topas Lodge

    3 Mai Chau Eco Lodge

    4 Can Tho Eco Lodge

    5 Mango Bay Resort

    6 Six Senses Ninh Van Bay

    8 Cat Tien Jungle Lodge

    9 Map of these 7 eco-lodges in Vietnam

    What are ecolodges?

    ecological housesthese are accommodations in remote and untouched natural areas, where both construction and operation have the least possible impact on the environment. Not only are they part of the local community, but they are also active in protecting nature and culturally sensitive areas.

    HE MUST our overview of the world's most sustainable eco-lodgesif you want to experience something unique, authentic and exciting.

    Topas Lodge

    7 Most Sustainable Eco Lodges in Vietnam (2023) - Eco Lodges Everywhere (1)

    Topas Lodge is located in Hoang Lien National Park and sustainability is at the forefront of its policies. The property relies primarily on hydroelectric power for operation and uses energy efficient light bulbs. Food scraps are outsourced to the local community and farmers for use and they have a glass crushing machine to recycle all their glass bottles into sand. This can then be used in construction.

    Topas Lodge is located on top of a hill, so of course it has fantastic views of the surrounding area. It's the perfect place to stay if you love nature and are looking for a relaxing holiday. There are also many excellent facilities at the eco lodge, including an infinity pool with poolside bar, Stilt House Restaurant and Pavilion BBQ.

    Mai Chau Eco Lodge

    7 Most Sustainable Eco Lodges in Vietnam (2023) - Eco Lodges Everywhere (2)

    Mai Chau Ecolodge prioritizes sustainability and responsible tourism. Over 80% of the property's land is open space and many of the building materials used were local and sustainable. The eco-lodge also focuses on clean energy, harmless waste disposal, and eco-friendly cleaning agents. Not only that, but the ecolodge also plays a big role in the community, as 90% of the staff are from local villages and local businesses are used to sourcing materials.

    Mai Chau Lodge is located in the picturesque village of Na Phon and comprises 43 rooms. There are many on-site amenities, including a restaurant, a spa, a swimming pool, and the Panorama Bar, which offers beautiful views of the surrounding mountains. The eco-lodge also offers a range of activities including traditional dancing, hiking and cycling.

    Eco Lodge Can Tho

    7 Most Sustainable Eco Lodges in Vietnam (2023) - Eco Lodges Everywhere (3)

    Can Tho Eco Lodge is located in Can Tho. right along the Mekong River.

    The property runs on solar energy, natural water, biomass energy and any by-products are then recycled. Not only were sustainable materials used in the construction, but this eco-friendly residence also supports local businesses and employs locals wherever possible. Can Tho Eco Lodge has a strong focus on responsible tourism and cultural preservation, and it shows this by focusing on the local cuisine and traditions of the Mekong Delta.

    Can Tho Eco Lodge has three types of rooms and many of them have panoramic river views. You'll also find plenty of amenities at the eco-lodge, including a restaurant, a swimming pool and a luxurious spa. They also offer private workshops, cooking classes and a floating market tour.

    Mango Bay Resort

    7 Most Sustainable Eco Lodges in Vietnam (2023) - Eco Lodges Everywhere (4)

    Mango Bay Resort works hard to be sustainable and has many good initiatives underway. Over 80% of its employees are from the local community and they use local suppliers for over 85% of their supplies. They also use energy-efficient appliances, natural air circulation instead of air conditioning, and solar energy to heat water. Additionally, the bathrooms are water-efficient and the resort works to restore the environment through tree planting and reef restoration work.

    Mango Bay Resort is located on the beautiful island of Phu Quoc. There are many accommodation options on site, including terraced rooms, bungalows, villas and the house on the reef. That's not the best part of this place! Thateco resorthas a wide range of activities available including yoga, cooking classes, beach activities and island tours.

    Six Senses Ninh Van Bay

    7 Most Sustainable Eco Lodges in Vietnam (2023) - Eco Lodges Everywhere (5)

    Six Senses Ninh Van Bay is fully committed to reducing its carbon footprint and the impact it has on the local environment. In recent years, the resort has collected over 4,000 kg of trash from local beaches and donated over 500 reusable bags to the local community. They also have an organic garden, and the ingredients are used in the hotel's restaurant. In addition, the resort generates renewable energy through its solar thermal system.

    It is located in Ninh Van Bay, Vietnam and offers panoramic views of the East Vietnam Sea. Whateco resortoffers a variety of private villas, many of which come with a private pool, outdoor terrace and a guest experience designer who is there to help you make the most of your stay.

    Bungalow Ninila Fruit Farm

    7 Most Sustainable Eco Lodges in Vietnam (2023) - Eco Lodges Everywhere (6)

    All Ninila bungalows are designed in a traditional style to suit the environment and do not require a lot of building resources. The local water is heated by solar energy and there are organic dishes from the farm available to guests at meal times.

    If you are looking for an eco-friendly vacation, Ninila Fruit Farm Bungalow is the perfect choice. It's located in the forest and is in a great area as it's only a 15 minute walk to one of Phu Quoc's beautiful beaches. There's also an on-site spa, and the eco-friendly property partners with companies that can take you on cruises and island tours. Bicycles are also free to rent, and other on-site amenities include a pool, barbecue grills, and hammocks.

    Cabana na Selva Cat Tien

    Cat Tien Jungle Lodge is adjacent to Cat Tien National Park. Cat Tien Jungle Lodge is not only ideally located for nature lovers, it is also a great place for an adventure. They offer tours in the national park at a good price where you have a good chance of spotting local wildlife.

    Map of these 7 eco lodges in Vietnam

    As you can see, there are many amazing eco-friendly accommodations in Vietnam. Whether you want to explore the rainforest or relax on the beach - you will be spoiled for choice!

    7 Most Sustainable Eco Lodges in Vietnam (2023) - Eco Lodges Everywhere (7)

    HE MUST our overview of the world's most sustainable eco-lodgesif you want to experience something unique, authentic and exciting.

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    What is the difference between a resort and an eco resort? ›

    The primary difference between an eco resort and an eco lodge is generally the amount of services that are provided on site. In general, eco resorts tend to be located on larger properties than eco lodges, and may offer more amenities, such as spas, a choice of restaurants, and/or a variety of local tours.

    How are eco lodges sustainable? ›

    Eco lodges focus on using renewable energy sources to provide power to their properties as well as using energy efficient lighting and water preservation. They focus on recycling and often reusing in order to positively impact the environment.

    What is mean by eco lodges? ›

    Meaning of ecolodge in English

    a place for people to stay on holiday that is designed not to harm the natural environment where it has been built: On the eight-day trip you'll stay in an ecolodge in the rainforest.

    What is the biggest difference between an eco lodge and a green hotel is the setting? ›

    The biggest difference between an eco-lodge and a green hotel is the setting in which you'll find them. Eco lodges tend to be more remote, located in relatively pristine natural environments such as beaches, jungles and mountains. Green hotels, on the other hand, are more often associated with cities and towns.

    How do I choose an eco-friendly hotel? ›

    A hotel committed to sustainability will almost always have a sustainability policy on its website. This will spell out if it has been certified by a credible organisation such as EarthCheck or Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design (LEED) and flag specific sustainability initiatives it has implemented.

    What is the difference between a hotel and a lodge? ›

    While both a lodge as well a hotel provides accommodation to those who pay for it, a hotel typically also provides meals, whereas there is no provision of food in a lodge.

    Do ecolodges have air conditioning? ›

    The rooms and cabins do not have air conditioning, but ceiling fans and louvered doors ensure a cool breeze drifts through.

    What makes a good eco lodge? ›

    An authentic eco lodge empowers the local communities by hiring local staff, sourcing local produce and supporting sustainable tourism development. Moreover, they encourage guests to undertake local tours and they positively contribute to the preservation of natural and cultural heritage.

    What is the difference between traditional lodge and eco lodge? ›

    An eco-lodge can be defined as “a tourist accommodation facility designed to have minimal impact on the environment.” Conventional hotels often waste precious water and electricity in their day-to-day operation, but our eco-lodges can better balance customer needs with ecological knowledge.

    What makes a eco resort eco-friendly? ›

    An eco-friendly hotel is a hotel that's committed to reducing its carbon footprint, which it does by implementing a series of sustainable actions such as installing solar panels, reducing waste, favoring cleaning products that are non-toxic and biodegradable, and reducing both energy and water consumption.

    What is eco glamping? ›

    Eco-glamping combines luxurious camping with environmental consciousness. Eco-glamping is a growing trend in the world of ecotourism, offering comfortable and luxurious camping experiences while prioritizing environmental sustainability.

    What is the greenest hotel chain? ›

    All ITC's luxury hotels have been accorded the highest rating: LEED Platinum (Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design) making it the 'greenest luxury hotel chain in the world'.

    Do people prefer eco-friendly hotels? ›

    Our results match data from Booking.com, whose recent research found that 73% of global hotel visitors today would prefer an eco-sustainable hotel over a traditional one, up from 62% in 2016.

    What is eco luxury hotel? ›

    Ecoluxury is a collection of fine lodges, exclusive resorts and historic boutique hotels, and, at the same time virtuos hospitality samples conceiving the industry through sustainable and socially responsible awareness accordingto the 17 Sustainable Development Goals of the 2030 Agenda.

    What should an eco resort have? ›

    An eco resort is one that actively works to reduce its environmental impact by utilizing sustainable practices and resources. This often includes things like using energy efficient lighting, local jobs, solar panels, green cleaning products, and locally sourced food in their restaurants.

    What is the most eco-friendly way of Travelling? ›

    Cycling and Walking

    It comes as no surprise that bicycles and walking are the most sustainable methods of transportation. Not only do they produce 0 carbon emissions at every stage, but they are also enjoyable and good for you!

    What is a person who lodges in a hotel called? ›

    The word for a person who stays at a hotel is guest, but the guest might live in the same city where the hotel is located, or the guest could have traveled across an ocean.

    Why is it called a lodge? ›

    as "small building or hut," from Old French loge "arbor, covered walk; hut, cabin, grandstand at a tournament" (12c.), from Frankish *laubja "shelter" (cognate with Old High German louba "porch, gallery," German Laube "bower, arbor"), from Proto-Germanic *laubja- "shelter." On a widespread guess (backed by Watkins, OED ...

    What is the difference between a lodge and a guesthouse? ›

    The main difference between lodge and guest house is that the owners of a lodge don't live on the same premises while the owners in a guest house usually live on the same premises but within a separate area of the property. Both lodges and guest houses provide accommodation to paying guests.

    What are the different types of Ecolodges? ›

    Agriturismos, Retreats, Rural and Village Based Ecolodges,

    Rural ecolodges and agriturismos usually feature guest services while still operating as farms or ranches. They are usually simple, privately owned accommodations located in rural areas often near nature reserves.

    Is AC just a dehumidifier? ›

    An air conditioner, even though it does dehumidify the air, does not do it as its primary function. Air conditioner humidity control is not sufficient enough for a mid-sized room in a very humid location. A dehumidifier, on the other hand, is designed to take large volumes of moisture out of the air.

    What are the eco secrets of one of the world's most sustainable hotels in EcoCamp Patagonia? ›

    We Primarily Run on Renewable Energy

    That's right– we avoid the emissions of harmful CO2 into the atmosphere! Through detailed planning and innovation, EcoCamp uses both solar and hydro sources to run the hotel. Nearly 95% of the energy used comes from renewable sources.

    What makes a resort an eco resort? ›

    Eco-resorts are generally defined by commitment to a carbon-zero existence and preserving its surrounding environment. The word “resort” connotes luxury, and many claim to provide luxury sustainably.

    What is eco-friendly resorts? ›

    An eco hotel, or a green hotel, is an environmentally sustainable hotel or accommodation that has made important environmental improvements to its structure in order to minimize its impact on the natural environment.

    What does an eco resort offer? ›

    An eco resort is a destination with lodging, dining and entertainment where the central focus is the preservation of Earth's environments and living ecosystems and the webs of interconnected life forms within those environments.

    What are the characteristics of eco resort? ›

    Saving Energy

    energy efficient HVAC system. Energy Star rated televisions and air conditioners in every room. energy efficient appliances in hotel kitchens and laundry rooms. renewable energy sources such as solar panels on the roof or a wind turbine on property.


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