EPoS systems for fashion/apparel with no operational costs (2023)


EPoS systems for fashion/apparel with no operational costs (1)

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Our fashion EPoS system is an ideal solution for designer boutiques, clothing stores, shoe stores, jewelry stores, and other related businesses.

You can scan barcodes, print customer receipts, operate the cash register, perform inventory control, and print a variety of financial, administrative, and sales reports. For many store operators we also have the Quickstore Enterprise solution for inter-store surveys. With Quickstore, you can print your own barcode labels and use a mobile inventory scanner.

Based on the internationally used Wasp QuickStore EPoS software, our fashion epos systems offer enhanced clothing inventory control. They take into account the style matrix, which can be used to track inventory levels and prices for each piece or shoe size and color. Both are proven and stable solutions used in thousands of companies.

EPoS systems for fashion/apparel with no operational costs (2)

System EPoS

£ 1.575

EPoS systems for fashion/apparel with no operational costs (6)

Trendy POS solutions suitable for many types of small businesses

men's clothing stores

ladies/womens clothing

Gift and accessories shops


knitwear stores

children's clothing stores

Camping and outdoor clothing

School uniform sales outlets

sportswear stores

city ​​clothing stores

baby clothing stores

designer shops

night wear stores

lingerie stores


luxury watches

Shoe store

Shoe store

and many other types of retail stores

Functions available in our Fashion EPoS systems

Our POS systems for fashion, apparel, footwear, gift/accessories and jewelry stores offer a wide range of features tailored to different types of retail stores and the different needs of a retail store or chain store. These are some of the features available in our fashion POS systems:

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barcode reading

Barcode scanning can significantly improve your efficiency and customer service, increasing your performance at the point of sale. With a barcode scanner, you don't have to search, scan, enter, and check the price of every item on the register. Just scan the barcode and the item with the description and price will be automatically added to the checkout process. Inventory levels update automatically. Your customers will be happier with faster service, your receipts will be more detailed, and you'll have fewer pricing and entry errors, as well as instantly updated sales and inventory reporting information.

We offer different types of barcode scanners, including entry-level handheld scanners, hands-free barcode scanners with stand, Bluetooth or RF wireless barcode scanners, and integrated countertop scanners for busy Honeywell/Metrologic supermarkets. , Motorola Symbol, Datalogic, Wasp and other leading barcode scanner manufacturers.

To recognize a barcode, it must be pre-programmed into the system with associated product information such as description, price, tax rate, department, minimum stock level, cost price, supplier, etc. If your manufacturers or suppliers can provide a product detail table, we can also provide a data import and conversion service to pre-load the products into your Epos system. If necessary, new barcode products can be configured in the system.

Barcode Label Printing

If your products do not have a supplier barcode or you manufacture your own products, all of our fashion POS systems give you the option of adding a barcode label printer to print your own barcode labels using our printer. of Zebra desktop labels and label rolls. The label can include the product description, price, and barcode, as well as the company name, website, and phone number. Labels can be applied directly to products, packaging, labels, or kept on a card/flyer near the checkout.

With our Fashion EPoS systems, we are able to offer a high-resolution printer option for printing miniature jewelry tags (known as butterfly tags). These are suitable for small jewelry, sunglasses, watches, gifts and accessories and similar items.

storage management

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With inventory control, you can accurately track item sales as well as remaining inventory levels. This helps with reordering, so you automatically know which products need to be ordered and replenished. You can optimize your inventory and cash flow by not keeping too many slow-moving items and still not losing sales on your most popular inventory items. Inventory control also helps detect inventory theft and loss.

The styling matrix allows for easy management and maintenance of products that come in various colors and sizes. This is perfect for clothing items such as jackets, shirts, and dresses, as well as shoes and accessories.

If you have multiple stores, warehouses, warehouse locations, or mobile sales teams, you can use Inventory Tracking in Enterprise Edition to check where all your items are located. It also gives your accountant an instant assessment of all your inventory for accounting and insurance purposes.

You can link the inventory control system with the supplier database and the order, which helps automate these functions in your company. In the case of new warehouse deliveries, the quantities are entered in the system individually or automatically if you have used the order function

Periodic inventories can be done by inserting a key or using a handheld PDA with an integrated barcode scanner. The POS system can print a list of stock discrepancies. You can also make adjustments for damaged, obsolete, or expired inventory items.

Printing of receipts and invoices.

With most of our retail POS systems, you can choose to print a mini receipt, an A4 invoice, or both. This gives you flexibility depending on the type of transaction. For example, for small, low-value cash sales, you can print a mini-receipt. But for business customers, account customers or high value transactions, you may want to print an A4 size invoice. You can determine how many copies of invoices/receipts to print, you can reprint duplicates, and you can also print credit memos and refund slips.

Sales Analysis

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Sales analysis reports are one of the main advantages of an EPoS system. You can create financial reports that show your daily, weekly, or monthly earnings. You can create reports by product that show sales by individual item, brand, or product category. With the Professional Edition, you can create employee-related reports to show the sales performance of each employee. Sales reports by time of day provide a breakdown of sales by hour so you can see which times of the day are the busiest, showing the number of transactions and the amount.

Gross profit reports show the gross profit of each transaction considering the cost price and the sale price. When you purchase inventory from different vendors at different prices, there are different models available for calculating cost, either on an average cost basis or on a first-in, first-out basis.

credit accounts

Whether you operate credit accounts for some or all of your customers, our advanced POS systems allow you to keep track of sales by tracking all invoices, credits, payments and refunds. It also allows you to generate monthly bank statements and accounts receivable reports. You can set a credit limit and offer discounts to certain customers. With the professional edition, you can run multiple price levels for each product, depending on your customer type.

Customer database and CRM features

If you have regular customers, you can store all their contact details, keep a transaction history, and apply customer-specific discounts in a customer database.

multi-branch connectivity

If you have multiple retail stores, our Advanced Enterprise Edition allows stores to connect via an Internet connection with regular updates, typically once a day. You can share customer details and check stock levels at each store. At the flagship store or at headquarters, you get an instant overview of sales performance and stock levels in each store.

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is much more!

You can find more details in ourSoftware Moda EPoSwith screenshots and sample reports.

contact us under020 7127 4250to host an online interactive demo of our Fashion EPoS software and discuss your business needs.


EPoS systems for fashion/apparel with no operational costs? ›

Epos Now Pricing

30-day free trial, no credit card required. Standard: $39/month ($24/month for each additional register) Premium: $69/month ($45/month for each additional register) Enterprise: To receive a custom quote, contact Epos Now directly.

Are epos free? ›

Epos Now Pricing

30-day free trial, no credit card required. Standard: $39/month ($24/month for each additional register) Premium: $69/month ($45/month for each additional register) Enterprise: To receive a custom quote, contact Epos Now directly.

What is epos vs POS system? ›

POS means 'Point of Sale' and it is where an exchange for goods or services is made. Essentially, the POS is a cash register that we see whenever we're out shopping. EPOS systems are the electronic format of the traditional POS systems and mostly operate online, where they store information securely in a cloud.

What software do clothing stores use? ›

  • Retail Management SoftwareNew.
  • Omnichannel POS.
  • POS System.
  • EPOS Software.
  • Magento ERP.
  • Warehouse Management.
  • Omnichannel Marketing.
Nov 16, 2022

Which 4 devices below are common EPOS devices? ›

What is EPOS hardware?
  • POS terminal (monitor/touchscreen)
  • Peripherals such as barcode scanners, receipt printers etc. ...
  • Cash drawer.
  • Customer display.
  • Mobile POS devices including tablets and smartphones.
  • Payment processing devices, including card readers, NFC terminals.

Can I get POS for free? ›

Some full-fledged POS systems offer a free tier, though you'll likely have to pay for processing and other add-ons. Other companies let you use their software for free but require you to pay for the hardware, such as a tablet or terminal.

What is the best free POS system? ›

Loyverse: Best free POS for industry-specific features

Software: Free version includes POS access for multiple stores, inventory management, analytics, loyalty program, transaction details and kitchen display system. Monthly fee: $0. Payment processing: Through third-party payment processor.

Is Shopify an epos system? ›

Get started with your retail EPOS system

Shopify Payments is included in all Shopify POS plans, no sign up or setup fees required.

What is the disadvantage of EPOS? ›

If an EPOS system is not frequently updated it could suffer from memory loss and have slow reactions and may calculate billing incorrectly.

What are some examples of EPOS? ›

Barcode scanner- Electronic scanner that reads barcodes allowing you to identify product items on the EPOS system. Card machine- A card payment processor used to electronically transfer funds via chip and pin, contactless or Apple/Android Pay. Cash drawer- A lockable metal drawer used to store cash.

What software do most clothing designers use? ›

20 Best Clothing Design Software for 3D Rendering & Modeling...
  1. Adobe Illustrator. Adobe Illustrator is not technically a fashion design tool but is a popular option in many design schools. ...
  2. Blue Cherry. ...
  3. Browzwear. ...
  4. C-Design Fashion. ...
  5. CLO 3D. ...
  6. Corel Draw. ...
  7. Digital Fashion Pro. ...
Feb 19, 2023

Which software is best for readymade garments? ›

Marg Garment Billing Software is a comprehensive business solution designed specifically for garment stores.

What is fashion ERP software? ›

What is apparel erp software? Apparel manufacturing ERP software is a set of features designed to manage the ordering, inventory, and assembly of clothing and other items.

How much is epos software? ›

Web-based retail point-of-sale and inventory management software built for iOS. Starts at $99/month.

What do I need for an EPOS system? ›

EPOS systems typically consist of a touchscreen computer, receipt printer, barcode scanner, cash drawer and software and come in a variety of configurations, shapes and sizes. There are 2 key elements to any EPOS system; first is the hardware and accessories which help you determine the look and feel of your store.

Which company gives free POS? ›

Cash crunch: Ogun partners bank, gives free POS machines to operators.

Is Square Retail POS free? ›

Square for Retail is a full POS system designed for retail businesses, no matter the size or style. Square for Retail offers two plans: Square for Retail Free at no monthly cost and Square for Retail Plus at $60 per month, per location.

Is Square POS app free? ›

Square Point of Sale software is free to use—there are no setup fees or monthly fees. Only pay when you take a payment.

Do all POS systems have monthly fees? ›

POS software can have a one-time purchase cost, monthly subscription fees or be free to use. Hardware costs are typically one-time expenses for mobile card readers, store register systems and other payment equipment.

What is the best POS software for retail businesses? ›

Top 10 Retail POS Systems
  • Square Point of Sale.
  • Shopify POS.
  • Lightspeed Retail.
  • Stripe Terminal.
  • SpotOn.
  • Heartland Retail.
  • QuickBooks Point of Sale.
5 days ago

What POS is comparable to Square? ›

Here are the top alternatives to Square as POS software:
  • Stripe Payments.
  • Toast POS.
  • Lightspeed POS.
  • ShopKeep.
  • Shopify Point of Sale.
  • Revel POS.
  • PayPal Here.
  • Epos Now.
Aug 5, 2022

How much does Shopify take per sale? ›

With Shopify Payments, their credit card rates / payment processing rates for online transactions are as follows: Basic Shopify Plan – 2.9% + 30 cents per transaction. Shopify Plan – 2.6% + 30 cents per transaction. Advanced Shopify Plan – 2.4% + 30 cents per transaction.

Does EPOS integrate with QuickBooks? ›

Simply your accounts with QuickBooks

Epos Now sends all your business data directly to QuickBooks, saving time and reducing accounting errors.

What businesses use epos? ›

  • Public Relations Firms.
  • Salesforce Consulting.
  • Search Engine Optimization Firms.
  • Shopify Consulting.
  • Social Media Marketing.

What are two drawbacks of e payment system? ›

Disadvantages of Online Payments
  • Technical difficulties. ...
  • Threats to passwords. ...
  • Cost of fraud. ...
  • Security concerns. ...
  • Lack of technology literacy. ...
  • Time and amount restrictions. ...
  • Service charges and other expenses. ...
  • Uncertain transactions.

Is EPOS a CRM? ›

Customer Relationship Management

Save all your customer details in one place – whoever they are, wherever they are, whenever and whatever they buy.

What is the main challenge of an EPOS system? ›

Need updates for better and more functionalities

Very similar to the need for maintenance, EPOS software requires updates. Of course, this challenge is not usually due to insufficient software design or coding.

Why is EPOS used in the retail industry? ›

EPOS stands for electronic point of sale. It is a system used in retail stores to process customer sales. The system is used to capture customer data and process payment transactions. It also helps retailers manage inventory and track sales.

What is an EPOS system in retail? ›

What is an EPOS system? EPOS stands for 'Electronic Point of Sale'. An EPOS system is basically a modern till system that features a combination of hardware and software designed to help you run your business better.

What should a good EPOS system do? ›

A good EPOS system will provide you with inventory management. You should be able to check stock levels in real-time, reconcile stock vs actual stock, update and add new stock and include stock variations.

Is there a software for designing clothes? ›

Tailornova is a patent-pending online fashion design software that helps you create unlimited designs easier and faster than ever. Visualize your creations in 3D and get custom-fitted patterns in seconds. Design a complete fashion collection in minutes.

What are the six steps in apparel production? ›

Here's a step-by step guide to garment production:
  • Pre-Production. Pre-production consist of fabric and trim sourcing, fabric development, pattern making and sampling.
  • Fabric and Trim Sourcing. ...
  • Pattern Making. ...
  • Production Planning. ...
  • Cutting Process. ...
  • Manufacturing and Quality Control. ...
  • Delivery.

What is the best app to sell designer clothes? ›

Tradesy is the leading peer-to-peer resale marketplace for buying and selling luxury, designer, and vintage fashion.

Which system is widely used in garment industry? ›

The bundle system, often referred to as the traditional garment production system, has been widely used by garment manufacturers for several decades. The bundle system is a dedicated system comprising cut parts, tied into bundles, to complete one or more sections of an apparel product.

Which production system is best suitable for apparel industry? ›

For apparel manufacturing, advance mechanical system like overhead production system or unit production system (UPS) is use widely. In this system a single garment is transferred automatically via a computer-controlled overhead handling system to finish the sequence of each operation.

How to sell ready made garments online? ›

Selling clothes online: How to get started
  1. Choose what line of fashion/clothing you want to sell.
  2. Source raw materials, equipment, and estimated production cost per product.
  3. Find a label printing agency.
  4. Set up social media account(s)
  5. Create/join WhatsApp groups.
  6. Set up an online store or/and a website.
Sep 16, 2020

What ERP is used by Zara? ›

Zara Home selects SAP ERP ECC 6.0 - Financial Accounting (FI) for ERP Financial.

What is the best ERP for fashion retail? ›

Generally, the software makes the management of your fashion business a lot easier. Top Fashion ERP Software: AIMS 360, ApparelMagic, S2K Enterprise for Apparel Distributors, LOGIC AFS, Cantel Apparel ERP, WFX are some of the Top Fashion ERP Software.

Does Zara use an ERP system? ›

The inventory control used by Zara allows retail managers to communicate to customers what they want, what they want and what they don't like. Zara designers are doing new things based on this information from the ERP.

How much do epos make? ›

Average Epos Now hourly pay ranges from approximately $12.07 per hour for Entry Level Customer Service Representative to $13.93 per hour for Customer Service Representative.

Is epos an ERP? ›

Our POS system features a full fledged Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) Solution at less than half the price of our competitors.

How much is EPOS monthly fee? ›

Epos Now Pricing

30-day free trial, no credit card required. Standard: $39/month ($24/month for each additional register) Premium: $69/month ($45/month for each additional register) Enterprise: To receive a custom quote, contact Epos Now directly.

Is POS system same as epos? ›

POS means 'Point of Sale' and it is where an exchange for goods or services is made. Essentially, the POS is a cash register that we see whenever we're out shopping. EPOS systems are the electronic format of the traditional POS systems and mostly operate online, where they store information securely in a cloud.

How long does it take for EPOS? ›

However, if taken care of by a qualified professional, installing an Epos may take no more than four weeks, and up to six weeks.

Can EPOS work without Internet? ›

The ShopTill-e ePOS system works without an Internet connection. When using ShopTill-e you are able to sell even if there is a connection issue. In the event of an issue you can continue to trade; register sales, and print receipts without interruption.

How do I add products to EPOS? ›

Adding a Product
  1. Within the Product List page, select ADD PRODUCT (top right corner)
  2. On the following page, enter a name and description for your product.
  3. Enter the Cost Price ex VAT and Sales price ex VAT.
  4. Select your Tax Rate (using the drop down menu)

What is epos price? ›

Let's make things simple.
EPOS SystemTotal Expected SumSoftware Costs (monthly)
Entry-Level System£1,000£0 – £30/month
Mid-Level System£1,500 – £2,000£30 – £50/month
Advanced System£3,000+£60 – £100+/month
Aug 2, 2022

What is the merchant fee for Epos Now? ›

Then the payment processor can charge 1.8% to execute the transaction.

How much is Point of Sale software? ›

The average cost of a POS system is between $0 and $2,000, including hardware, software, installation fee for the first year. Then, you may pay around $1,000 per year to use the POS system later, depending on business size, revenue stream, and feature enhancements.

What does EPOS mean payment? ›

An Electronic Point Of Sale (EPOS) is must-have equipment for modern day businesses combining hardware and software to allow you to take all types of payments.

How do you avoid merchant fees? ›

7 Ways to Avoid Merchant Fees
  1. Learn How to Read Your Merchant Statements.
  2. Choose the Right Pricing Structure for Your Merchant Account.
  3. Reduce Fraud and Chargebacks.
  4. Avoid Equipment Leases.
  5. Monitor and Audit Your Statements Every Month.
  6. Negotiate Merchant Fees Directly With Your Processor.
  7. Don't Switch Processors.
Feb 6, 2023

Why are my merchant fees so high? ›

Merchant fees are so high because credit card processing companies often inflate their charges. Processors also charge extra fees and unnecessary fees, adding to the total cost of a merchant's monthly statement. For example, let's say a customer buys food at a restaurant using a Visa rewards card.

Who pays the merchant service fee? ›

What are merchant fees? Merchant fees are transaction fees that the merchant's bank account must pay whenever a customer uses a debit or credit card purchase from their store.

How much is Quickbooks POS cost? ›

$1,200 one-time fee for POS Basic. $1,700 one-time for POS Pro. $1,900 one-tine for POS Multi-Store.

Is shopify a POS system? ›

Shopify POS is a point of sale app that you can use to sell your products in person. You can use Shopify POS to sell almost anywhere, including brick-and-mortar stores, markets, and pop-up shops.

What POS system does Walmart use? ›

To meet these demands Walmart has built a custom POS solution for their stores, making use of SUSE Linux Enterprise Point-of-Service (SLEPOS), a secure open-source operating system for point-of-sale client devices, as a foundation.

How do businesses use EPOS? ›

EPOS stands for electronic point of sale. It is a system used in retail stores to process customer sales. The system is used to capture customer data and process payment transactions. It also helps retailers manage inventory and track sales.


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