Top 10 Sustainable Homes Designed to be the Best Green Homes - Yanko Design (2023)

Top 10 Sustainable Homes Designed to be the Best Green Homes - Yanko Design (1)

Living in a sustainable, conscious and intelligent way has not only become a necessity, but also our moral obligation and duty to the planet. Our homes must perfectly integrate and nourish the planet, not deplete its resources and shorten its lifespan. Being one with Planet Earth while caring for it has never been a higher priority. In an effort to promote an eco-friendly lifestyle, sustainable architecture has gained immense popularity among architects. They designed sustainable homes. These houses aim to integrate harmoniously with nature, to live with it in peace and allow us to live in balance with the environment. They reduce your carbon footprint and encourage a sustainable and clean lifestyle. And not to mention they are aesthetically and visually pleasing too! From a small, sustainable house measuring just 3×3 meters to a hostel in Shanghai built with recycled red bricks, natural clay and tube bundles – these amazing projects will make you an advocate for sustainable architecture!

1. The Coodo

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Top 10 Sustainable Homes Designed to be the Best Green Homes - Yanko Design (3)

A few years ago, German entrepreneur Mark Dare Schmiedel got tired of the chaos of Berlin and decided to move to the countryside and build his own picturesque loft on the banks of the River Spree. The peace, tranquility and zen that followed led him to wonder if it would be possible to create a similar but mobile form of housing that could offer the same shelter to other people. In his search for such a shelter, he came across a mobile home concept designed by a group of Slovenian architects called 'Coodo'. Schmiedel acquired the concept design rights through his company LTG (Lofts to Go) and began production of the units. Modular homes aim to bring you closer to nature, in a space away from the crowds where you can truly appreciate the beauty in a moment.

Why is it notable?

It has a minimal, curved steel frame with rounded edges and distinctive floor-to-ceiling glass walls. Beautiful glass walls allow a generous flow of sunlight into the home. Whether on the roofs of the city, on the beaches, in the mountains or beside a river,Codeit can be easily installed almost anywhere.

what we like

  • Full use of smart home technology.
  • Compliance with passive house standards.

what we don't like

  • With a focus on the natural environment, we wish there was a way to close off the open patio area to close off when out and about.

2. Hoinka House

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Top 10 Sustainable Homes Designed to be the Best Green Homes - Yanko Design (5)

Located in the Pfaffenhofen region of Germany, a small house is calledHoynka House. Designed by Atelier Kaiser Shen, Haus Hoinka is located in a small village dominated by half-timbered houses from the 16th and 17th centuries, rustic surroundings of churches and vineyards.

Why is it notable?

An important initiative in this project is to use and promote sustainable construction using simple and clean materials that can be easily and efficiently recycled separately. The project aims to use natural and renewable materials, which can later be released into the natural cycle. Straw bales and plaster mix were the materials chosen for this initiative.

what we like

  • Late 19th century building practices used by architects focus heavily on thatch as it is renewable and recyclable.

what we don't like

  • The aesthetic and style of the house is quite traditional, which will not be appreciated by everyone.

3. Octohorpe House

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Top 10 Sustainable Homes Designed to be the Best Green Homes - Yanko Design (7)

is calledOctothorpe hus, this stunning home in Oregon's high desert near Bend was commissioned by a couple Mike and Kathryn for Mork-Ulnes Architects. They wanted a house that would harmoniously fit into the desert landscape while also being environmentally friendly.

Why is it notable?

To meet the client's desire for a sustainable home, Mork-Ulnes Architects decided to use "cross-laminated timber" in the home's construction. What makes this wood sustainable is the fact that it has a strength-to-weight ratio similar to concrete, but is five times lighter than it. The CLT is pre-cut off-site, which also dramatically reduces construction waste.

what we like

  • The architects used CLT to build the interior and exterior of Octothorpe House, preventing them from releasing around 15 tonnes of greenhouse gases into the air.

what we don't like

  • The central courtyard is open plan, hopefully with a retractable roof.

4. 3×3 recoil

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Top 10 Sustainable Homes Designed to be the Best Green Homes - Yanko Design (9)

Hidden in the rainforest landscape near the Chilean town of La Unión is a tiny cabin called Retiro 3×3. Designed by Estudio Diagonal Architects, the tiny home was designed to create a sense of connection between the structure's "radical geometry" and the natural and organic essence of space.

Why is it notable?

A cabineaims to serve as a comfortable, convenient and functional dwelling in the raw rainforest without disturbing or causing the slightest damage to the forest. It is located on a hillside overlooking the Radimadi River. This was a brilliant move as it allows the cabin to offer its occupants a breathtaking view of nature.

what we like

  • The entire cabin was built using common and economical building materials such as standard pine wood.
  • Local construction techniques were used

what we don't like

  • The small footprint may not suit everyone. Some people may find it too small.

5. Knastkabiner

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Top 10 Sustainable Homes Designed to be the Best Green Homes - Yanko Design (11)

These prefab cabins are called the Nokken Cabin and can be purchased by anyone, but the design duo have bigger plans for them. They want groups of them placed in beautiful, remote locations to create "landscape hotels" that can offer a luxurious glamping experience. You can connect with nature and relax, but in a cozy and comfortable space - without having to make it difficult.

Why is it notable?

camera boothwas created with expansion in mind and intended to be a very flexible framework. It can be used as a holiday home, workplace, shop, spa, restaurant or even as a simple home.

what we like

  • A beautiful window opposite the bed offers a surreal view of the landscape.

what we don't like

  • While we love the minimal black structure, it would be great if there was an optional open space/patio to better appreciate the surroundings.


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Top 10 Sustainable Homes Designed to be the Best Green Homes - Yanko Design (13)

Chinese design studio RooMoo has converted an existing building into a hostel on Chongming Island in Shanghai. Called"NO EARTH", the inn takes its name from the traditional Chinese color warm green, which refers to the gaps between the shadows of the trees and is a tribute to the slow pace.

Why is it notable?

Construction of the guest house involved the use of local customs and crafts and caused minimal damage to the surrounding land. In fact, he incorporated the environment into the architectural form.

what we like

  • In order to incorporate sustainability into the structure, it was built with recycled old wooden planks, discarded red bricks, branches, bundles of reeds found locally, and bamboo and other locally sourced and discarded materials.

what we don't like

  • Despite being renovated, the hostel's aesthetic is old school and can be considered old-fashioned


Top 10 Sustainable Homes Designed to be the Best Green Homes - Yanko Design (14)

Top 10 Sustainable Homes Designed to be the Best Green Homes - Yanko Design (15)

Located in the heart of Piedmont, Italy, surrounded by vineyards and forestsit's a scream(Small Leisure Huts). It includes a group of four adorable log cabins.

Why is it notable?

The huts are inspired by traditional haystacks, creating a triangular silhouette supported by a log-shaped base. The cabins have been raised off the ground to ensure they don't touch it, in an effort to adopt a sustainable approach. This approach emphasizes energy efficiency and the importance of ecological compatibility.

what we like

  • Elevated cabins ensure minimal ground impact and beautifully complement the sloping topography
  • Eco cabins artfully blend in with their surroundings and create the impression of being in harmony with the surrounding nature.

what we don't like

  • There is only one door in the entire cabin, which can lead to a lack of privacy.

8.ZZZ Home

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Top 10 Sustainable Homes Designed to be the Best Green Homes - Yanko Design (17)

Montevideo-based architecture firm iHouse builds prefabricated houses using the latest dry construction methods currently in use on the international stage. With just 70 days to build Conrado, a London-based Uruguayan home, on his family's property in Colonia, iHouse was well equipped to take on the task. Formed by the merger of two units, Casa ZGZ was built off site and installed on the family property in just five days.

Why is it notable?

As Colonia is one of the oldest cities in Uruguay, the group is backZGZ househe hoped to preserve the spirit of the area's historic architecture while modernizing the cabin to meet modern needs. The plot-house is dressed in black in an attempt to present the house to the public among the various natural elements that surround it. The black exterior also warms the home's wood interior, which is clad in Forest Stewardship Council certified wood.

what we like

  • To minimize the house's impact on the environment and soil, Casa ZGZ was built off-site in two modules.
  • It coexists harmoniously with a space alien to its language

what we don't like

  • Could have been equipped with a different level/story

9. Koto Design vs Adobe Prefab Home

Top 10 Sustainable Homes Designed to be the Best Green Homes - Yanko Design (18)

Top 10 Sustainable Homes Designed to be the Best Green Homes - Yanko Design (19)

Based in the English seaside town of Westward Ho!, architecture studio Koto Design captures the relaxed atmosphere of a day at the coast and translates it into a homely space. Inspired by Scandinavian simplicity and Japanese minimalism, the effect comes from open floor plans and organic building materials.

Why is it notable?

The architecture studio is known for its extensive catalog of small sustainable prefab homes that can be transported to locations around the world. In a recent collaboration with the North American construction company Adobe, the two studios collaborated in the constructiona small prefab housethat combines Scandinavian design with a Californian flair.

what we like

  • It provides a semi-outdoor lifestyle
  • It is carbon neutral and allows for off-grid operation

what we don't like

  • With its sloping roof, it will be difficult to expand the room vertically.

10. The Foldable House of Dreams

Top 10 Sustainable Homes Designed to be the Best Green Homes - Yanko Design (20)

Top 10 Sustainable Homes Designed to be the Best Green Homes - Yanko Design (21)

Michael Jantzen, a multidisciplinary artist based in New Mexico, is an artist who seems endlessly inspired by geometry. By fusing sustainability, architecture and technology, Jantzen has developed an adaptable modern home called The Folding Dream House, which expands from an enclosed cubic structure to a multi-level dream home.

Why is it notable?

In the original view,το Folding House of Dreamsit was designed as a place to sleep. About the size of a conventional hotel room, the Folding Dream House consists of two prefabricated portable units. Each rectangular unit is envisioned placed on a raised triangular plinth that connects the house's extensible support beams to its structure. On each facade of the Folding Dream House, Jantzen envisioned triangular overhangs and dividers as folding panels extending from the house's structure.

what we like

  • Panels can be opened or closed in many different ways around the units to suit different functional and/or aesthetic requirements

what we don't like

  • It's still in the conceptual phase, which means there could be fundamental changes as hardware limitations go into production.



What is the best design for a sustainable house? ›

How do I incorporate sustainable design into my home?
  • Passive solar design. ...
  • High-performance windows. ...
  • Energy-efficient appliances. ...
  • A drip irrigation system for plants. ...
  • Using eco paints and water-based paints. ...
  • Renewable energy solutions. ...
  • Recycle and reuse construction waste. ...
  • Install a cool roof.

What are the most sustainable houses? ›

Hemp houses are becoming popular because the material is resistant to insects and therefore does not need to be chemically treated with insecticide. Rammed earth and straw bale are other popular choices. Sustainable homes should have showerheads, toilets, taps, etc, which are WELS rated at three stars or more.

What is the most sustainable house size? ›

A four-person family should be living in an 860-square-foot home. If the world used resources sustainably and equitably, the average home for a single person would be no larger than 215 square feet, and a four-person family would live in no more than 860 square feet.

What are the four main areas of sustainable design? ›

The term sustainability is broadly used to indicate programs, initiatives and actions aimed at the preservation of a particular resource. However, it actually refers to four distinct areas: human, social, economic and environmental – known as the four pillars of sustainability.

What are the best examples of sustainable design? ›

There are examples of eco-design in all kinds of consumer goods, such as biodegradable furniture, recycled tableware, edible coffee cups and bamboo sunglasses or toothbrushes, as well as clothes and shoes made with plastic recovered from the ocean and ecological gold jewellery.

What is the greenest home in the world? ›

The southwestern shores of Lake Vänern, the largest body of water in Sweden and one of the most popular camping destinations in Scandinavia, are shrouded in a thick forest of conifer trees with nary a bank or grocery store within miles.

How to design a green home? ›

Green Home Ideas: How to Build and Live in Eco-Friendly Ways
  1. Building Vertically Instead of Horizontally.
  2. Conserve Water.
  3. Upgrade to a Smart Thermostat.
  4. Select Sustainable Building Materials. Recycled or Reused Material. ...
  5. Smaller is Better.
  6. Track Your Home Energy Use.
  7. Shop Vintage.
  8. Water Your Plants Using Used Water.
Nov 22, 2021

Which country has the most sustainable houses? ›

USGBC Announces International Rankings of Top 10 Countries for LEED Green Building
RankNationTotal number of LEED-certified and registered projects
7 more rows
Jul 22, 2015

How much does it cost to build a fully sustainable house? ›

The average cost to build a sustainable house is between $395,804 and $423,237.

Is it more expensive to build an eco-friendly house? ›

While building a fully green home typically costs 20 to 30 percent more than a traditional build, you can still get results by spending less, often as little as 2 to 4 percent over standard construction. Here are some tips to make your new or existing home more eco-friendly without breaking the bank.

What is the most sustainable building height? ›

The team determined that dense environments of approximately 6 to 10 stories in height offer the most environmentally friendly balance, emitting approximately 365 tons of carbon dioxide per person less than high-density high-rise alternatives.

How to live 100% sustainably? ›

My golden rules
  1. Use what you already have (if there's anything you take away from this post, make sure it's this tip)
  2. Take care of what you have.
  3. Swap before you shop.
  4. Buy used.
  5. Buy only what you need.
  6. Remember your reusables. ...
  7. Eat the food you buy (reduce your food waste!!)
Nov 11, 2019

What features can make a house sustainable? ›

  • Insulation. Insulation is a key component of sustainable building and creating a greener home. ...
  • Water conservation. ...
  • Renewable energy. ...
  • Smart technology. ...
  • Energy Star appliances. ...
  • Reclaimed wood. ...
  • Natural lighting and ventilation.

What are self sustainable houses called? ›

At its most fundamental, an Earthship would be a low-rise, single-story home built to be self-sustainable in every aspect: energy and climate control.

What are the 4 C's of sustainability? ›

Segera finds that balance between conservation, community, culture and commerce, and puts the environment at the heart of the development.

What are the 6 R's of sustainable design? ›

6Rs: Rethink, Refuse, Reduce, Reuse, Recycle, Repair

These are all useful terms to explore reducing the impact of technology on people and the environment.

What are the 7 key areas of sustainability? ›


Infrastructure Imperatives, Carbon Management, Green Energy, Circular Economy, Environment Conservation, Water Conservation and Energy Efficiency.

What are the five basic elements of green buildings? ›

The five principles of green building:
  • Livable communities.
  • Energy efficiency.
  • Indoor air quality.
  • Resource conservation.
  • Water conservation.

What is 1 example of sustainability? ›

Clean water and sanitation: Such as learning to avoid wasting water. Climate action: Acting now to stop global warming. Life below water: Avoiding the use of plastic bags to keep the oceans clean. Life on land: Planting trees to help protect the environment.

Where is the greenest place in us? ›

Considering these initiatives it's easy to see why San Diego's zero waste stores are a sustainable shopping mainstay. Considered the greenest city in America by WalletHub, San Diego was the first major US city to commit to 100% renewable energy (which they should achieve any moment).

What is the greenest architecture in the world? ›

The Edge - Amsterdam, Netherlands

The 430,000 square foot building uses 70% less energy than a comparable office building. The building is oriented along the path of the sun to achieve greater efficiency for its 65,000 square feet of solar panels which cover the roof and facades.

What is the greenest country in the Americas? ›

Costa Rica, known worldwide for its environmental stewardship, is the region's greenest nation.

What are two factors to consider when designing a green home? ›

Components of Green Building
  • Energy Efficiency and Renewable Energy.
  • Water Efficiency.
  • Environmentally Preferable Building Materials and Specifications.
  • Waste Reduction.
  • Toxics Reduction.
  • Indoor Air Quality.
  • Smart Growth and Sustainable Development.

What factors make a home considered green? ›

Energy Efficiency

Proper insulation of your home, high efficiency doors and windows, the use of proper moisture and wind wraps, heat exchangers, insulated hot water pipes, the use of properly sized high efficiency HVAC and water heating equipment are all major components of green home building.

What country is 100% sustainable? ›

Sweden is known for being one of the most sustainable countries in the world, with low carbon dioxide emissions and strong renewable energy programs. Sweden's government has pledged to be fossil fuel-free and running 100% on renewable energy by 2045.

What are the top 3 most sustainable city in the world? ›

  • Wellington, New Zealand. Pollution from our everyday lifestyle is one of the most common contributors to climate change. ...
  • Zurich, Switzerland. Although Zurich is known for its financial powers, it is also one of the leading smart cities when it comes to sustainability. ...
  • Copenhagen, Denmark. ...
  • Madrid, Spain. ...
  • Canberra, Australia.
Aug 14, 2022

Which country is No 1 in sustainable development? ›


What is the most cost efficient house to build? ›

Ranch-style homes are not only popular but also one of the most cost-efficient home styles to build. These homes typically come in a rectangular shape, though many resemble “T” or “S” shapes. The ranch style's simple layout reduces complications in construction.

What is net-zero house? ›

What is a Net-Zero Energy Home? A net-zero home produces as much energy on an annual basis as it consumes. Design and engineering usually involve off-the-shelf energy-efficient technology and renewable energy sources, such as solar panels, to reach zero net energy use throughout the year.

What is a sustainable material to make a house out of? ›

Clay brick is a natural material made from water and clay from the earth. It is entirely recyclable, entirely Earth-friendly, and it doesn't release any toxic chemicals when in the landfill.

What is the most sustainable type of architecture? ›

  • Earth Sheltered.
  • Recycled Modern.
  • Domed and Organic.
  • Prefab and Tract.
  • Pueblo and Adobe Revival.
  • Rammed Earth.
  • Multi-family Eco Units.
  • 21st-century/Mid-century Modern.

What is a sustainable interior design? ›

Sustainable interior design is environmentally conscious with an emphasis on recycled materials. It is home design that reduces negative impacts on the environment, while increasing the health and comfort of its occupants, while focusing on eco friendly design.

What is eco-friendly interior design? ›

Eco-Friendly Interior Designing is the minimizing the resources involved in construction and taking up eco-friendly materials with emphasis on the health and environmental impact of the same.


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