Top 7 POS Systems in UK - Top Rated EPoS of 2023 (2023)

Top 7 POS Systems in UK - Top Rated EPoS of 2023 (1)

You know that a useful point of sale (POS) system will help your business improve. But with so many on the market and endlessly conflicting reviews, how do you find the perfect one?

This could be your first electronic point of sale (EPoS) system, or the system you're currently using is driving you crazy.

Either way, we'll break down what's available and find the perfect fit.

Of course, a great system will only work well for you if it meets the needs of your business.

While most POS vendors claim their system will work for just about anyone, there are a few that will fit right into your setup.

In this guide, you'll learn which POS systems are the best, where to find them, and which ones are right for you.

speed of lightsquareDie well until Co.epic nowiZettleshopkeeperArea
Customer Reviews5/54/55/53/54/54/54/5
specialized industryRetail and eCommerceretail and gastronomyretail and gastronomyretail tradeRetail and eCommerceretail and gastronomyhospitality
better forRetailer with large or complex assortmentsSmall businesses accepting cards for the first timeSmall businesses with one or two niche needsRetailers who want an affordable optionRetail businesses that go online or accept payments on the goRetail companies that surpassed open sourceLarge restaurants and bars that want a custom system
price of£ 69 / mesFrei!£ 29 / mes£ 25 / mesFrei!£ 52 / mesDepending on the requirements

And the winner is... It's a draw

The two best POS systems on the market are Lightspeed and Square.

Both got near-perfect scores, but luckily for you, they're well-suited for different businesses, so you won't have a problem choosing.

See why they are the best:

Top 7 POS System Vendors

speed of light

Top 7 POS Systems in UK - Top Rated EPoS of 2023 (2)

Wow, people who use Lightspeed like this.

This platform is a dream for retailers as it is packed with features and reliable. This modern system stores all your data in the cloud, so you can access it from anywhere.

Lightspeed offers a PC version, but most users opt for its iPad software.

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There are different versions of Lightspeed for each industry (retail, hospitality, and e-commerce). All Lightspeed POS systems include:

  • transaction processing
  • inventory management
  • Customer Management
  • email marketing
  • Analytical Reports
  • eCommerce integration

Lightspeed certainly isn't the cheapest on the market, with plans starting at £69/month. But since a lot depends on the efficiency of your POS, it's a worthwhile investment.

The speed of light is better forPhysical or online retailers with large or complex assortments. Read a full overview of what Lightspeed has to offer here.

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Top 7 POS Systems in UK - Top Rated EPoS of 2023 (3)

First of all, Square's POS software is free, so it doesn't get much better than this.

Quick to set up, the sleek iPad Stand with Card Reader from Square will add professionalism to your small business.

The software is intuitive and versatile enough for most small businesses.

The cloud-based mobile system is location agnostic, perfect if you're a crafter or selling at trade shows or fairs.

Square POS covers all the bases that open source software has:

  • transaction processing
  • Billing and Receipts
  • Customer Management
  • basic inventory management
  • basic reports

To gain access to the free software, you must use Square's payment processing system. You pay 1.75% for each payment with a card in person and 2.5% for payment with a typed card.

These fees are higher than other payment processors, so Square is better for businesses just starting out when sales are still pretty low.

the square is better forSole proprietors or businesses that are starting to accept card payments. Read a full Square review here

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die good for the company

Top 7 POS Systems in UK - Top Rated EPoS of 2023 (4)

Good Till Company has built a loyal following in the UK; Small businesses love their software.

The UK based customer support team is quick and helpful so any issues you have are resolved quickly which is not the case with all POS providers.

A core platform can be customized to meet the needs of your organization by adding additional tools. The basic package includes:

  • transaction processing
  • leadership
  • basic inventory management
  • Discounts and promotions
  • Customer Management
  • Customer display and self-checkout
  • announcement

Plus, you can pay for the extra features you need.

You can choose between hospitality modules and advanced warehouse management.

There are also modules for promotions and advanced customer retention tools. Most modules are just £9/month.

die good for the companyis better forsmall businesses that want to pay for the resources they will use. Read more about the Good Till Company here.

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epic now

Top 7 POS Systems in UK - Top Rated EPoS of 2023 (5)

EPOS Now is one of the largest providers of POS systems in the UK market. Users vote with their feet and EPOS Now needs to do something right to keep its 30,000 customers.

Retailers love EPOS now POS; Many comments praise the ease of use of the iPad-based software.

The EPOS Now team will help you set up your new payment and even migrate your product and customer data from another system.

EPOS Now is the best forsmall to medium retail stores that want an affordable option and want to establish support. Read the full EPOS Now review here.


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Top 7 POS Systems in UK - Top Rated EPoS of 2023 (6)

iZettle offers a free version of its Go POS software for retail and e-commerce businesses. With a setup similar to Square, you'll need to use their payment processing service to access the POS.

You also have the option to take your online business to the next level with iZettle Go Plus. For £29/month you can set up an online store and sync inventory to your store and accept online payments.

iZettle card readers are beautifully designed to be super portable. You can use them with an iPad or smartphone on the go, making them a great tool for individual homeowners and handymen alike.

If you run a restaurant or cafe, iZettle offers iZettle Pro, a table and tab managed version of POS for £39/month per iPad.

iZettle is better forsmall businesses just starting out in e-commerce or those who want to get paid on the go. Learn more about iZettle in the full review.

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Top 7 POS Systems in UK - Top Rated EPoS of 2023 (7)

If you're using one of the free POS systems like Square or iZettle, but payment processing fees start to get steep, check out Shopkeep. Shopkeep POS not only covers the basics, but also comes with employee management tools and powerful email marketing tools.

Retailers will be impressed with the configuration support and ongoing customer service.

The software is easy to use and has all the reporting features a small business needs.

If continuous customer interaction is essential for you, Shopkeep is a good solution. You can send and track newsletters and promotions to your customer database and also offer gift cards.

Charging is better forsmaller retailers whose profits are too high for open source and those who want great customer management tools. Check out Shopkeep here.

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Top 7 POS Systems in UK - Top Rated EPoS of 2023 (8)

But we must not forget about our restaurateurs! There are several POS systems designed primarily for the hospitality industry. If you run a large restaurant, bar, or chain, you will quickly become frustrated with using a free or all-in-one POS system.

So if you're investing in a new system, you're better off getting the best, which is Zonal's Aztec software.


  • transaction processing and cash management
  • leadership
  • Inventory and pricing management
  • reports and management

Based in Scotland, Zonal have been in the industry for 37 years and have performed a considerable variety of roles.

Best of all, the company provides us with a custom system with exactly the tools you need for the size of your business.

Users love the reports and the integration with accounting systems. Zonal understands how difficult it can be to manage sales in a cash-intensive business, so it provides many tools to reduce the time spent on bookkeeping.

Zonal is best forLarge hospitality companies that need a reliable POS system to keep up with their busy business.

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Have you already found your perfect POS in our Super Seven?

With contracts and hardware to purchase, signing up with a POS provider can be daunting.

However, if you choose a system that meets your needs, you will have the technology and support to sell and grow.

Dive into our detailed reviews of the best systems out there.

(Video) 6 Best Free POS Systems for Small Business

When you are ready, use thecomparison toolto receive offers from those who can best serve your business.

Now read:

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Top 7 POS Systems in UK - Top Rated EPoS of 2023? ›

Pricing from: one off payment of £399 or £25 per month

Processing over £2bn in transactions every year, Epos Now is the largest EPOS provider in the UK. Epos Now's retail POS software offers a variety of handy features, with a particular emphasis on till and inventory management.

Who is the largest EPOS provider in the UK? ›

Pricing from: one off payment of £399 or £25 per month

Processing over £2bn in transactions every year, Epos Now is the largest EPOS provider in the UK. Epos Now's retail POS software offers a variety of handy features, with a particular emphasis on till and inventory management.

Which is the best EPOS system? ›

  • Square: Overall best EPOS supplier.
  • Vend: Best for scalability.
  • Talech: Best for mobile businesses.
  • Lightspeed: Best for bars.
  • Shopify: Best for ecommerce integration.
  • TouchBistro: Best for restaurants.
  • Clover: Best for medium-sized businesses.
  • Our methodology.
Apr 11, 2023

What is the biggest POS system in the world? ›

NCR Corporation is the world's largest point of sale (POS) software vendor globally according to the Global POS Software 2021 Report, conducted by RBR, a research and consultancy group. “Restaurants of all sizes choose NCR because our solutions simplify operations, optimize the guest experience and enable growth.”

What is EPOS system UK? ›

EPOS stands for electronic point of sale. It is a system used in retail stores to process customer sales. The system is used to capture customer data and process payment transactions. It also helps retailers manage inventory and track sales.

Who owns UK POS? ›

Jason Leslie - Founder & CEO - UK POS | LinkedIn.

How much is Eposnow UK? ›

Starting Price:

Epos Now has a free version and offers a free trial. Epos Now paid version starts at £349.00/one-time.

What is the difference between epos and POS? ›

POS means 'Point of Sale' and it is where an exchange for goods or services is made. Essentially, the POS is a cash register that we see whenever we're out shopping. EPOS systems are the electronic format of the traditional POS systems and mostly operate online, where they store information securely in a cloud.

Is POS available in UK? ›

Vend — Best UK POS System for Scaling Businesses

Vend is another less-known yet high-quality POS software available in the UK market. It'll work for a variety of companies, but it's most suitable for growing brick-and-mortar retail businesses. It is a cloud-based retail POS software with fantastic features.

What is epos vs POS? ›

The focus of a POS is almost exclusively on carrying out transactions. An EPOS system is a modern electronic update of the traditional POS system, and is a combination of the hardware and software needed to carry out transactions and streamline the management of a business.

Who is the market leader of POS machine? ›

India POS Terminals Market Leaders

VeriFone, Inc. Mswipe Technologies Pvt Ltd.

Which is the second largest POS machine? ›

Which bank has the second-largest number of PoS machines in India? Notes: Axis Bank has become the second-largest merchant-acquiring bank in the country, leapfrogging two spaces during 2021 by installing over two lakh card-swipe machines during the year.

Which 4 devices below are common EPOS devices? ›

What is EPOS hardware?
  • POS terminal (monitor/touchscreen)
  • Peripherals such as barcode scanners, receipt printers etc. ...
  • Cash drawer.
  • Customer display.
  • Mobile POS devices including tablets and smartphones.
  • Payment processing devices, including card readers, NFC terminals.

What are some examples of EPOS? ›

Barcode scanner- Electronic scanner that reads barcodes allowing you to identify product items on the EPOS system. Card machine- A card payment processor used to electronically transfer funds via chip and pin, contactless or Apple/Android Pay. Cash drawer- A lockable metal drawer used to store cash.

Who is the owner of EPOS? ›

Our founder and CEO, Jacyn Heavens, was once a business owner like you, frustrated with the lack of reliable, easy-to-use till systems available for small and growing businesses. So in 2011, he set out to completely transform the point of sale (POS) market.

How many POS are there in the UK? ›

In 2021, the amount of POS terminals in the United Kingdom amounted to almost three million. Point of Sale (POS) terminals are an electronic device that records and processes a card payment.

What does POS stand for UK? ›

Point of Sale (POS) Display units provide an extremely effective way of connecting with your customer.

Who are the largest POS suppliers? ›

Top Leading Companies in the Point-Of-Sale Security Market: Top 10 By Revenue
  • Oracle Corporation.
  • Ingenico.
  • Block, Inc.
  • New POS Technology Limited.
  • Shopify Inc.
  • Clover Network, Inc.
  • PayPal Holdings, Inc.
  • NEC Corporation.

Can EPOS work without Internet? ›

The ShopTill-e ePOS system works without an Internet connection. When using ShopTill-e you are able to sell even if there is a connection issue. In the event of an issue you can continue to trade; register sales, and print receipts without interruption.

How effective is epos? ›

Epos Now rates highly in some areas such as stock management and business management. It scores a 5/5 for stock management because you get access to real-time sales, so you can see which items are selling best and which are not.

Is epos free? ›

Zettle is a great choice if you're starting out and want a quick and simple EPOS system. In addition to being free, its hardware is easy to use. Granted, it's not as cheap as Square's, but it doesn't incur monthly fees. Zettle focuses on the till experience and offers plenty of hardware options.

What is the disadvantage of EPOS? ›

If an EPOS system is not frequently updated it could suffer from memory loss and have slow reactions and may calculate billing incorrectly.

Is epos safe? ›

One of the biggest risks in using an ePOS system is the potential for data theft and loss. These systems not only store sales data and inventory levels, but they also keep track of customer data.

Why is epos good? ›

An EPOS system will help you to maximise profit and efficiency by providing easy-to-digest reports on everything from sales to stock levels. Effective inventory management is the foundation of good business.

What is POS called in USA? ›

A point of sale, or point of purchase, is where you ring up customers. When customers check out online, walk up to your checkout counter, or pick out an item from your stand or booth, they're at the point of sale. Your point-of-sale system is the hardware and software that enable your business to make those sales.

What payment method is available in the UK? ›

These are the most common ways for the nation's residents to make payments according to a 2022 report by UK Finance.
  • Debit and Credit Cards. UK shoppers use debit cards more often than any other payment method. ...
  • Cash. ...
  • Contactless Payments. ...
  • Digital Wallets. ...
  • Direct Debit.

Which payment app works in UK? ›

Google Pay (UK) – Pay in apps, on the web, and in stores.

Where is EPOS now? ›

Epos Now
IndustryComputer Software, Technology
HeadquartersNorwich, England , UK
Areas servedGlobal
Key peopleJacyn Heavens (CEO)
3 more rows

Why epos now? ›

At EposNow, our payments solutions make it easy to take payments, anywhere at any time. With one fixed rate, you can accept all major payment methods without worrying about hidden fees. Plus, with seamless integration with your EPOS system you can manage your business from a single portal.

What brand is EPOS? ›

EPOS was formerly known as Sennheiser Communication and is a joint venture between Demant Group – a world-leading audio and hearing technology corporation – and Sennheiser. Jointly, the company has over 115 years of experience in audio innovation.

What is POS faster than? ›

PoW is a much slower process due to the way it functions while PoS is faster than PoW in verifying transactions by an order of magnitude, which is also due to the way it performs the consensus.

What is a POS worker called? ›

You probably call them cashiers or sales associates, but the retail industry refers to them as point-of-sales (POS) associates because they most often come into contact with customers at the point of a sale.

How many types of POS machines are there? ›

There are four main types of POS systems: legacy, tablet-based, mobile, and cloud-based POS systems. The last three of these types of systems are considered “modern” POS systems and are usually more efficient and affordable than legacy systems.

What is the oldest POS system? ›

The first POS system was the cash register, invented in 1879 by saloon-owner James Ritty of Ohio. The cash register enabled users to record transactions without error, allowing for better bookkeeping and management of capital. Ultimately, Ritty sold his invention to the National Cash Register Corporation (NCR) in 1884.

Which POS software is used by Walmart? ›

The SUSE Enterprise Linux point of service system allows Walmart developers to build secure POS systems that are highly robust, with features such as unified admin tools, and centralized or multi-branch servers.

Which bank has best POS? ›

The SBI POS terminals are ultra-secure and protect you from theft. It works seamlessly for merchants, thus, boosting their sales and increasing the profits and productivity. State Bank of India is one of the oldest and most trusted bank of India and is known for its best services.

Which bank has largest POS? ›

HDFC Bank had the highest Point Of Sale terminal market share of about 19 percent as of first quarter of 2021. This private sector bank was followed by State Bank of India with about 16 percent as of that quarter.

How much does a good POS system cost? ›

The average cost of a POS system is between $0 and $2,000, including hardware, software, installation fee for the first year. Then, you may pay around $1,000 per year to use the POS system later, depending on business size, revenue stream, and feature enhancements.

What POS system does Starbucks use? ›

What POS Does Starbucks Use? Starbucks uses Oracle Symphony, a POS solution designed for the restaurant industry. Oracle has been around since the 70s and has established itself as a leading provider of cloud-based solutions for businesses.

What businesses use epos? ›

  • Public Relations Firms.
  • Salesforce Consulting.
  • Search Engine Optimization Firms.
  • Shopify Consulting.
  • Social Media Marketing.

Is EPOS a CRM? ›

Customer Relationship Management

Save all your customer details in one place – whoever they are, wherever they are, whenever and whatever they buy.

Is epos an ERP? ›

Our POS system features a full fledged Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) Solution at less than half the price of our competitors.

What technological devices are used on an EPOS? ›

EPOS is a combination of hardware and software that enables your business to process sales more efficiently. The hardware starts with a central touchscreen terminal. The other devices, known as 'peripherals', include a card machine and receipt printer which both connect to the central terminal.

Why do businesses use EPOS? ›

Much like how you can build a website to perfectly suit your business, you can develop an EPOS system that matches. Some key benefits of EPOS include: Speeding up processes like accounting, stock management, and sales performance. Creating transactional data and using it to create reports on sales and products.

What is an EPOS software? ›

EPOS stands for Electronic Point of Sale. EPOS systems are digital payment systems that enable businesses to process payments, interact with customers and store data. They are often used in retail stores, restaurants, hotels, and other service-oriented businesses. POS stands for Point of Sale.

How much is Epos Now monthly? ›

Epos Now Pricing

30-day free trial, no credit card required. Standard: $39/month ($24/month for each additional register) Premium: $69/month ($45/month for each additional register) Enterprise: To receive a custom quote, contact Epos Now directly.

Is epos a German company? ›

EPOS Health Management, headquartered in Germany, was founded in 1985 as an independent worldwide provider of consulting services in the health sector.

Does Tesco use epos? ›

Following a successful trial, Tesco could integrate the CCi within their existing Storeline EPOS system, and our uniquely designed floor mount enclosure was also integrated into their existing till furniture to give further peace of mind to their colleagues.

Who is the head of EPOS? ›

Jacyn Heavens - CEO - Epos Now | LinkedIn.

Who is the director of EPOS? ›

Ian Cheong - Director - EPOS Pte. Ltd.

What operating system does Tesco use? ›

Tesco Hudl
Tesco Hudl with case attached
Operating systemAndroid Jelly Bean
System on a chipQuad-core Rockchip RK3188 w/ Mali 400 Graphics
CPU1.5 GHz
15 more rows

Is EPOS a German company? ›

EPOS Health Management, headquartered in Germany, was founded in 1985 as an independent worldwide provider of consulting services in the health sector.

Is EPOS still Sennheiser? ›

EPOS was established in 2019 and now sells the former Sennheiser product lines under the name EPOS| Sennheiser. The goal of EPOS is to become known as the high-end audio provider for gamers.

What is the full name of EPOS? ›

An Electronic Point Of Sale (EPOS) is must-have equipment for modern day businesses combining hardware and software to allow you to take all types of payments.

Where is EPOS based? ›

With headquarters in Copenhagen, Denmark, EPOS operates in a global market with offices and partners in more than 30 countries.

Where is Epos Now? ›

Epos Now
IndustryComputer Software, Technology
HeadquartersNorwich, England , UK
Areas servedGlobal
Key peopleJacyn Heavens (CEO)
3 more rows


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