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Volunteer in India

Volunteering in India is an amazing experience. If you decide to travel to India and volunteer there to support a local social project and your cause, you will be amazed at what the country has to offer. It is home to a multitude of cultures, many different languages, and breathtaking views unique to this corner of the world.

Experience India for the diverse and culturally rich country that it is and experience all that India has to offer, from its colorful traditions and festivals to spicy dishes and great music. Volunteering in India will be a great experience for you and we want you to be prepared for your journey. That is why we are here to help you find out about the volunteer projects available in India. The possibilities are as diverse as the country itself, so there will be something for everyone. Let us begin!

Volunteer in India

With more than 1.2 billion people, India is the second most populous country in the world.. However, rapid economic growth has not solved the challenges faced by most of India's vast population, such as:

  • Poverty
  • Corruption
  • malnutrition
  • inadequate public health
  • gender inequality
  • unequal distribution of education

Many volunteer projects in India are located in and around the suburbs of Delhi., which is the second largest metropolitan area in India by population. Home to more than 14 million people, it is a major cultural, political, and economic melting pot. Therefore, the citizens of Delhi face many of the above mentioned problems. You can also volunteer in Jaipur, which is about 260 km (162 miles) from the Indian capital, New Delhi. Other volunteer projects in India are in more rural areas like Himachal Pradesh, one of the northern Himalayan states.

Volunteer opportunities in India are diverse and variable. Choosing a cause to support is probably the most exciting part of planning your volunteer trip to India. So what are the most common areas of volunteering in India?

Animal and wildlife conservation

Did you know that India is the only country today where both lions and tigers can be found in their natural habitat? However, the Bengal tiger is threatened by habitat loss, human conflict and illegal wildlife trade and is therefore consideredone of the world's most endangered big cats.

As a volunteer in India, you can take part in tiger conservation efforts and help these endangered animals in their incredibly picturesque natural habitat.. In addition to walking and driving safaris, during your time volunteering in India on a wildlife conservation project, you'll be involved in all kinds of tiger conservation, wildlife management, and community-focused initiatives. .

The rich and diverse local wildlife population offers perfect volunteer opportunities in India. There you can get involved in all kinds of animal welfare. For example, you can care for injured or abused wild animals. Your contribution as a volunteer in India will help biologists to monitor and research local wildlife.

If you want to further explore the wildlife of India, the national parks are a popular destination.. However, parks are not the only place where you can get up close and personal with wild animals. However, parks are not the only place where you can get up close and personal with wild animals. Don't be surprised if elephants roam the streets and monkeys try to rob you. Oh really,Don't get too close to these monkeys.!

Biodiversity and its conservation

India is one of 17 megadiverse countries, meaning it is home to at least 5,000 endemic plant species and borders a marine ecosystem. Furthermore, there are three biodiversity hotspots in India, one of which is 21.2% of the forests covering the country's land mass. Unfortunately, human encroachment in recent decades has seriously endangered India's unique biodiversity. And although the country has made great strides in environmental protection and environmental awareness in the past, there are still many environmental issues that India needs to address.

You think thatProtect the environmentis one of the most important challenges of our time? Your motivation to volunteer in India can make a difference where it's really needed!

The 5 key environmental challenges facing India are:

  1. groundwater depletion
  2. land/soil degradation
  3. air and water pollution
  4. biodiversity loss
  5. Emissions of greenhouse gases

Many of the social volunteering programs in India dealing with these issues urgently need your help and support as a volunteer in India. Other volunteer jobs in India where you can get involved in businesses such as organic and sustainable agriculture or environmental education.

support community services

As widespread poverty and inequalities remain a major social issue in India, you should consider becoming avolunteer communityIn India. Among the many social problems facing the country, these are the 5 most pressing:

  1. overpopulation
  2. Corruption
  3. inefficient public health infrastructure
  4. the lack of adequate sanitation facilities in rural and urban areas
  5. the significant increase in the rates of poverty and inequality

There are many social volunteering projects in India that aim to solve these problems. Volunteering with one of them gives you the chance to do it.make a big difference in local communities and improve many aspects of the lives of local people. Volunteer work in India in the field of community development are:

  • child care programs and friends
  • He works in local orphanages.
  • street child care
  • construction programs

female empowerment

India is a fundamentally male-dominated society, with many women having limited access to education and employment. The predetermined gender roles that shape many women's lives often push them into domesticated and subservient lifestyles. As a result, only two thirds of women in India are literate.

Rural women in India are among the most disadvantaged in terms of decision-making power and access to development opportunities. But did you know that?Rural women are active agents of economic and social change? Studies show that they are leaders in protecting the environment and are successful in many ways and to varying degrees in their roles as farmers, producers, investors, managers, and consumers.

That is why volunteer programs in India also includefemale empowermentas they need international volunteers to help, educate and provide professional training, especially for women living in the following countries:

  • rural zones
  • favelas
  • Pueblos
  • and families below the poverty line

Education is the most influential tool for raising the status of women in developing countries. As soon as the woman perceives herself as a member of a group, of students or of workers (outside the family), she begins to see herself as a worthy and valuable worker in society. This strengthens self-esteem and paves the way to eliminate gender inequalities. Therefore, volunteering in India should also include the issue of women's empowerment.

work in an orphanage

Before deciding on any of the volunteer programs in India that you participate inWaisenhauser, make sure you are prepared for your task and understand what to expect. While working with orphans may seem noble at first, it is important to realize that over 80% of children living in orphanages are not orphans. They are separated from their families because they are poor, disabled, belong to an ethnic minority or suffer from other factors of exclusion.

Many of these children have experienced violence or abuse and are traumatized.For this reason, it is important that volunteers have the right skills.. Otherwise, you could endanger yourself and the children. So, if you want to volunteer at an orphanage in India, you must meet at least one of the following requirements:

  • Experience working with traumatized children.
  • childcare training
  • Training as a psychologist.
  • Training as a social worker.

lessons in india

Although India is seeing increasing education, there is still a lot of potential and need.international volunteers to support local schools, mainly in rural areas. Although there are many initiatives to tackle the problem of bad education, there is still cause for concern in India.Projects supporting educational initiatives offer local children the possibility of a better education. This is a great opportunity for children who might not otherwise be able to pay for school.

Volunteering to teach and mentor these children is not only very rewarding, but it will also help you grow as a person. To work on teaching projects in India you must:

  • open mind
  • creative
  • flexible
  • ready to face the challenges

Some volunteer programs in India allow you to teach in an outdoor classroom and creativity and improvisation are paramount.As a volunteer in India in the field of education, you will work as a team and if you have the right qualifications, you will have the opportunity to plan lessons independently.. If you choose to work as an English teacher, you will help improve students' vocabulary and spoken English skills. We encourage you to unleash your creativity to organize educational games for the little ones.

Medicine and health

The above issues like poor sanitation facilities and lack of sanitary drinking water sources are some of the reasons why India is struggling with many water related diseases. There are also great inequalities in the health system, particularly between castes.

start avolunteering in healthIt can be a great opportunity for you to really make a difference in the lives of the unfortunate and offer hands-on medical volunteering in India.. Since he has a medical background, your help is always appreciated. As a volunteer in India, you can participate in many humanitarian projects in the following areas:

  • healthy upbringing
  • hospital operations
  • odontology
  • Careful
  • Medical and health internships.

Volunteer opportunities in India are endless, so there is bound to be a program to suit you.

cost of living

The recommended daily budget for volunteers living in India ranges from US$12 to US$29. This is an estimate that takes into account the average price of some of the services you may need and the things you may want to buy . It gives you an overview of how much things cost in this country so you can be prepared and save the money you need.

Additional costs to consider are:

  • program fees
  • Plane tickets (Find cheap flights to India)
  • Travel insurance (find yourtravel insurance)
  • Your visa fees
  • personal expenses

An exemplary overview of the cost of living in India (in US dollars, for one person) is:

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big mac

$ 2,21

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Coca Cola

$ 0,56

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to eat out

$ 2,95

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rented car

$ 221,27

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$ 12,5

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$ 1,68

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US$ 1,95

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$ 0,90

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Public transportation

$ 0,18

What you should know before volunteering in India

When traveling to another country, it is important to become familiar with its unique culture and social characteristics. This will help you adjust quickly and avoid misunderstandings. The local indigenous culture is diverse and ancient. It is characterized by foreign influences, the different religions of the country and the different languages ​​and tribes. Exploring the cultural heritage of India is a must when traveling to India and a great way to spend your free time volunteering in India.

Safety precautions

Please note that each region has different laws that you should be aware of before traveling to India.. India has a complex social structure. You should be aware of this and do the necessary research in advance. If in doubt, you can follow these simple tips:

  • You must be able to identify yourself at all times!
  • Always carry your personal belongings and documents with you.
  • Bring certified photocopies just in case.

Check the legal drinking age in the state where you are volunteering:The legal age ranges from 18 to 25, depending on the state.In some states (the so-called "dry states") alcohol is completely prohibited.

Since the largest cities in India often have many millions of inhabitants and therefore a huge problem of poverty, high crime rates are to be expected. If you are a woman traveling alone, check out some of our tipsSolo female travelers in India.

culture and religion

Not surprisingly, Indian cuisine is as diverse as the different regions of the country. Did you know that India has the largest number of vegetarians in the world?About 20-40% of Indians are vegetarians.. Indian cuisine is known for its rich use of herbs and spices and various cooking techniques.

Most of the people in India (80%) practice Hinduism, but there is also a fair community that believes in Islam (14%).It is important to respect all religious customs and places:

  • Cover your head before entering a religious place.
  • Ask permission before photographing women and places of worship.
  • Sometimes it is forbidden to take photos and sometimes the places require it.

When moving to another country, it is important to become familiar with its culture and unique social characteristics.. This will help you adjust quickly and avoid misunderstandings. Regarding Indian culture, he recalls:

  • It is not appreciated to show affection in public.
  • The same applies to nudity, which is heavily penalized. So if you visit a beach, avoid going topless. You can be severely reprimanded for this!
  • Smoking is prohibited in public places.
  • It is impolite to eat with the left hand.

Health Tips

Getting sick while traveling is annoying and while getting an upset stomach when traveling to India is a common problem for travelers, there are some basic precautions you can take to avoid it:

  • Eat and drink safely:Don't eat undercooked food, avoid street food and don't drink tap water!
  • Also,wash your hands frequently, especially before eating.
  • Plan how you will receive medical care during your stay.take out travel insuranceand bring medication, especially if you need special medication.
  • Avoid insect bites: You may want to cover exposed skin, use aInsect repellentand use a mosquito net.
  • Make sure you are up to dateimpact routinebefore each ride. These vaccines include MMR, diphtheria-tetanus-pertussis, varicella (chickenpox), polio, and your annual flu shot. Other than that,The CDC recommends vaccines against hepatitis A and typhoid feveras you can contract this disease in India through contaminated food or water.

Tips for female travelers

As a volunteer traveling outside of rural India, please remember that the safety of women in India is a concern. Use your common sense and take the necessary measures to avoid unpleasant events!

  • You have to wear these clothes.cover your shoulders and knees. This is even more important when visiting places of worship like temples.
  • It is recommended forTake a light scarfalways with you. You can use it to cover your head when it is too hot or when you visit religious places.
  • Use prepaid taxisor reserved taxis at hotels instead of hailing them on the street.

Who can volunteer in India?

You may have noticed that there are many volunteer opportunities in India that require different skills and abilities from your international volunteers. While you can check the specific requirements for each project from your Volunteer World profiles,Here are some general requirements that apply to most projects in India:

  • You must be at least 18 years oldfor most volunteer projects. If in doubt, we recommend that you contact the project manager on site, as he can volunteer on some projects from the age of 16.
  • You must have an intermediate level of English;some projects also require advanced knowledge of English.
  • Depending on the project you are interested in, you may be required to complete a criminal background check and health statement before volunteering.
  • Forhave strong interpersonal skills, and all volunteers are expected to experience working with a wide variety of people. For teaching projects, other skills like dancing, drawing, sports, etc. They can also benefit you.

What visa do I need to volunteer in India?

You have reached the final section of this guide, which is another very important aspect of planning your trip – applying for your India volunteer visa.

Please note that the following information is based on a best practice approach, created to the best of our knowledge and in collaboration with various voluntary organizations. Therefore, you should discuss visa requirements with the Volunteer World project coordinator. If in doubt, we also recommend contacting Indianembassy or consulatein his country.

Input Overview

There are some general requirements that you must meet upon arrival:

  • Please check the current validity of your passport. Your passport must be presentValid for at least 180 daysfrom the date of arrival in India.
  • Make sure your passport has it.at least two blank visa pages. India requires that you have enough unused pages in your passport to have all the necessary stamps on arrival and departure.
  • Check if the connections require a transit visa.
  • Make surebe in possession of a valid return ticket.

Best Practices for Short Term Volunteers

If you want to volunteer in India for 60 days or less, you can apply for an e-Visa.This visa is valid for 60 days.from the date of arrival and allows double entry but it isNOexpandable

A completed online form is required for the e-Visa. The request must be made at least four calendar days in advance of the arrival date and can be made up to 120 days in advance.

e-Visa Fees for Indiaare divided into four panels (in US dollars) based on nationality:

  1. free (for example, citizens of Argentina or South Africa)
  2. $25 (Japan, Singapore and Sri Lanka)
  3. US$80 (Canada/Australia/Switzerland/EU)
  4. $100 (US/UK/Russia citizens)

Best Practices for Long Term Volunteers

If you plan to volunteer in India for more than 60 days, you must apply for a work or tourist visa. It depends on the duration of your program and other plans to continue your trip in India.

  • The tourist visa is valid for a period of six months and is not renewable.. All applicants must complete the valid online visa application formauthorized site. After completing your online application, you will receive a checklist of documents to submit.
  • The work visa is generally issued for one year.or the length of your volunteer work. Renewals and renewals can be applied for at the Indian Ministry of Home Affairs in India (remember you will need another blank page for each renewal). Please note that to apply for the work visa, you will need an invitation letter from the Indian organization you are volunteering with.


How can I volunteer for free in India? ›

  1. Volunteer on a permaculture farm in India near Mumbai. ...
  2. India invites travellers willing to share skills. ...
  3. Volunteer in India and learn natural farming methods. ...
  4. Volunteering for yoga teachers in India. ...
  5. Volunteer working with a Street Children Charity in India. ...
  6. Be a Animal Rescue Volunteer with us in India.

How can I volunteer abroad and get paid? ›

9 resources for paid volunteer jobs
  1. Peace Corps. ...
  2. WWOOF (World Wide Opportunities on Organic Farms) ...
  3. Become a GVI Trust Scholar. ...
  4. SVP (Sudan Volunteer Programme) ...
  5. United Nations Volunteer. ...
  6. HelpX. ...
  7. American Village Camps in France. ...
  8. Volunteer Forever Scholarship.
Dec 14, 2022

What places need volunteers the most? ›

Here are five places where you can usually find volunteer opportunities:
  1. Animal shelter. Animal shelters typically care for dogs, cats and other small animals. ...
  2. Hospital. Many hospitals allow visitors to volunteer and help different teams of medical staff. ...
  3. Food pantry. ...
  4. Senior living center. ...
  5. Charity organizations.
Mar 25, 2022

Do volunteers get money? ›

At first glance, the simple difference between these two types of workers is that employees get paid and volunteers don't. Yet many nonprofit leaders have discovered that there is more to distinguishing between employees and volunteers than whether an individual receives a regular paycheck.

Do volunteers get paid in India? ›

Average starting Salary for Volunteer in India is around ₹0.1 Lakh per year (₹833.3 per month). No prior experience is required to be a Volunteer. What is the highest salary for a Volunteer in India? Highest salary that a Volunteer can earn is ₹5.5 Lakhs per year (₹45.8k per month).

What are the three 3 types of volunteer work? ›

Types of volunteering
  • Volunteering to work with animals.
  • Volunteer for a community project.
  • Sports volunteering.
  • Volunteering in hospitals.
  • Green volunteering.

Do volunteers ever get hired? ›

With some patience, passion, and hard work, you may even be able to turn a volunteer position into salaried employment. Volunteering offers you the chance to network with people in your industry, demonstrate your skills and learn an organization inside and out.

How can I volunteer abroad with no money? ›

How to volunteer abroad for free in 2023
  1. Browse FREE Opportunities. Unfortunately, there are two things that stop a person from volunteering overseas: ...
  2. HelpStay. ...
  3. WWOOF. ...
  4. VSO. ...
  5. Find no-fee programs. ...
  6. Volunteer for longer. ...
  7. Volunteer abroad for free on an exchange basis. ...
  8. Get your airfare covered.
Jan 10, 2023

How can I go overseas for free? ›

Table of contents
  1. Travel Tips to See the World for Free. Work Abroad in Expat-Friendly Industries. Look for Work Exchanges. House-Sit or Pet-Sit. Volunteer Long-Term With the Peace Corps. Volunteer With Short-Term Volunteer Organizations. Organize Your Own Volunteer Trip. Maximize Credit Card Rewards. ...
  2. Final Word.

How can I live abroad for free? ›

For those who don't know, Worldpackers is a platform that connects travelers with hosts from around the world. Travelers can work for their hosts in exchange for free accommodation. So although there is some work required, this is essentially living abroad for free.

How do you get paid for traveling? ›

Other Travel Jobs to Pay You to Travel
  1. Teach English Online. Always stay safe online. ...
  2. Teach English Overseas. If our travel blogging career didn't work out, we were going to teach English overseas. ...
  3. Work on a Cruise Ship. ...
  4. Work at a Resort or International Hotel. ...
  5. Spa Staff. ...
  6. Creating and Running your own Tours. ...
  7. Yoga Instructor.
Jan 3, 2023

Why does volunteering cost money? ›

The project costs money

Money must continue to come in with each volunteer so that everything the project needs to continue can all be paid for. The equipment that volunteers and staff use must be bought and maintained - whether that's books for a school or electronic tags for wildlife.

What age volunteers the most? ›

The age group with the highest percentage of volunteers is adults between ages 34 and 55. This group can be further broken down into two groups: adults aged 35–44 and 45–55, comprising 31.5% and 30.8% of all volunteers. People in their early 20s are least likely to volunteer as only 18.8% do so.

What is the best type of volunteering? ›

The best-known types of volunteer experiences are found in these areas:
  • Environmental Volunteer Work (Permaculture Projects, Farming, Ecovillages and Environmental Conservation)
  • Volunteering with Animals (Animal Farms, Wildlife Conservation, Animal Rescue and Animal Care)
Nov 24, 2020

What is the most popular type of volunteer? ›

Fundraising for an event is the most common type of volunteer role in the United States. 70% of corporate volunteers believe volunteerism boosts morale more that company mixers.

Do volunteers live longer? ›

Volunteers may live longer.

A Journal of Health Psychology review of the Longitudinal Study on Aging, which compiled data from more than 7,000 Americans ages 70 and older, found that people who volunteered frequently tended to live longer than those who didn't.

Why do volunteers quit? ›

Volunteers often quite because they just aren't interested in what they are doing. They don't see their impact, they don't see the mission as necessary or important, and they feel like they are just one in a few people doing something. If volunteers aren't looking forward to volunteering, they might quit.

What are paid volunteers called? ›

Paid volunteers, also called compensated volunteers, are individuals who volunteer to work for an organization without getting paid but still receive some form of compensation or reimbursement.

What is the qualification for volunteers? ›

There is no age limitation for a volunteer. However most volunteer organization have minimum age requirement of 18 (legal adult). Some volunteering organization also allows you to volunteer at the age of 16 or 17 if you are accompanied by a guardian or with a written permission.

How old do you have to be to volunteer in India? ›

There is no any age limit to join the volunteer program. Participants main characteristic is the willingness to help. Our volunteers give their time and money to conserve and protect the environment, uplift and build positive communities, teach children, and promote health, education, and ecological awareness in India.

How much do volunteers earn? ›

As of Feb 7, 2023, the average hourly pay for a Volunteer in the United States is $11.10 an hour. While ZipRecruiter is seeing hourly wages as high as $17.31 and as low as $6.73, the majority of Volunteer wages currently range between $8.65 (25th percentile) to $12.74 (75th percentile) across the United States.

What are 10 benefits of volunteering? ›

Here are the top 10:
  • Provides you with a sense of purpose. ...
  • Provides a sense of community. ...
  • Helps you meet new friends. ...
  • Increases your social skills. ...
  • Improves self-esteem. ...
  • Teaches you valuable skills. ...
  • Provides job prospects. ...
  • Brings fun into your life.
Apr 3, 2020

What skills do volunteers gain? ›

Interpersonal communication, time management, leadership, delegation, communication, leadership and problem-solving are a few transferable skills that you can develop through your volunteer work.

When should you not volunteer? ›

Here are some reasons not to volunteer:
  • Don't do it for college applications. ...
  • Don't do it because "everybody else is doing it" ...
  • Don't do it to practice your leadership skills. ...
  • Don't do something you don't enjoy. ...
  • Don't do it if you're not actually helping. ...
  • Don't do it if it is stressing you out.
Aug 29, 2022

When should you quit volunteering? ›

Reasons for Ending the Volunteer Relationship

The volunteer is underperforming. The volunteer is not working within the scope of their role, creating a risk for the organisation. The volunteer is breaching policies or procedures. The volunteer is bullying or harassing other volunteers or paid staff.

Is it worth being a volunteer? ›

Volunteering can provide a healthy boost to your self-confidence, self-esteem, and life satisfaction. You are doing good for others and the community, which provides a natural sense of accomplishment. Your role as a volunteer can also give you a sense of pride and identity.

How do I start a new life in another country with no money? ›

10 steps to move overseas with no money
  1. Get on board with finding work abroad. ...
  2. Find the right work abroad program. ...
  3. Make the decision. ...
  4. Tell friends and family you're moving abroad. ...
  5. Begin the visa process & figure out housing. ...
  6. Learn about the logistics of life as a foreigner. ...
  7. Prepare yourself financially.
Jan 4, 2023

Can a non US citizen volunteer? ›

Can a foreigner volunteer in the USA? While working in the United States can be difficult for a foreigner, volunteering is usually pretty simple. Forget the hassle of work visas. As long as you aren't being compensated for your volunteer work, you shouldn't need one.

Can I get a job in a foreign country with no experience? ›

You can also snag work abroad without experience through programs like WWOOF – an international work exchange network in which you can work on organic farms! If you have a passion or an interest, there is a job or a work program out there waiting for you.

Do I need a visa to volunteer in India? ›

Do I need a visa to volunteer in India? Yes, you will need to procure a visa in order to volunteer abroad in India. Depending on the type of volunteer position you take up and the duration of the program, you may be expected to apply for a work, tourist, student, or intern visa.

Can you volunteer at hospitals in India? ›

Volunteers can help at both hospitals and slum clinics, but local regulations generally prevent international volunteers from treating patients independently. Volunteers who are still in training will have the opportunity to observe local professionals and learn about the treatment of prevalent diseases in India.

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